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Welp, finally had some time and did an update. There's more to do but it works. Should be compatible with Build 39, 40 and IWBUMS 41 without issues. If there are any, do let me know.


Necroforge 2.7b Changelog


  • Added Missing Clothing Items
  • Added Missing Skills to EXP Debug Menu [Backwards Compatible]
  • Added Support for Clothing Dryers and Washer objects to Tile/Object Cloner
  • New Vehicle Function - Spawn Vehicle
  • New Vehicle Function - Debug Repair Full (Adds Missing Parts Too)
  • New Vehicle Function - Debug Remove Vehicle
  • Fixed Generated Vehicle Key had Default Key Icon
  • Fixed Some Weapons Being Miscategorized into Ammo
  • Fixed Spawning Zombies in Undies


Mediafire Download: NecroForge 2.7b

Also available on Steam Workshop

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On 11/19/2019 at 5:57 PM, WJStock said:

Registered just to THANK YOU!

This mod is amazing for its purposes!

A bunch of mods could benefit from a GUI in the style of Svarog's, but that may never happen.

I can't take credit for the UI. The UI was coded by ExtcentriCreation i just expanded NecroForge beyond an item spawner that Excentri created. Thank him/her and ZedHead for NecroForge being a thing with UI. I can only take credit for everything it does beyond spawning items.

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On 4/25/2020 at 3:33 AM, lean said:

I cant open the menu, pressing ~ nothing happen and the NF icon dnt show, currently the mod show its was enable, 2.7B Build 41.34

Any tips?

I'm having the exactly same issue for 41.36.

Alright, so either just updating for 41.37 fixed it, or then it was the fact that i started a new game, WITH NF loaded, instead of enabling it, mid-game.

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this really needs to be updated especially with the new items like the ammo straps clothing since it overwrites the debug item menu I can no longer spawn it unlike before and the mod only works if you make a new game although I like the fact that I can see the item stats and add job exclusive perks which cant be done in debug mode

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just added a little stfu
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