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Sorry about my language i speak spanish.

1- Well, i made two texture packs (1x and 2x). There are tiles with the same name inside of each packs.

2- Settings on mod.info


3- Two packs will be loading when the game is booted .
4- If i play in 2x, can see 2x tiles :D (Because the last pack loaded in mod.info is textures2)
but if i changed settings to 1x custom 2x tiles appear on the game because the same reason (Game load textures2x)


i was searched the console.txt (if i play with 1x settings only load tiles1x and not tiles2x)

There are another way to load a custom texture pack(lua code) depending on settings used for 1x or 2x?

i want to load textures 1x or 2x when boot the game depending on the saved settings.
Feature for mod.info (pack=....) needs to be updated to choose .packs.
pack1x=... (only load this pack when the game settings is 1x)
pack2x=... (only load this pack when the game settings is 2x)

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It seems like other people are having the same problem, and from the skimming I've done on those threads there doesn't seem to be a solution and no one will spill the beans. My suggestion is just sticking with 2x. That's probably what 1.0 is going to do. 

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