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Cyrrent Eiledoll

Unsolved Mysteries

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For all Players who have nothing to do.

Make your own Exhibition.

Most things are only for fun and have no usefull function but you can sell tickets or Shirts to other Players if they want to see your Exhibition ;)


Bug testing needed (have only tested a little bit)

If you want Textures from this Mod just Ask or take them but show me please the results ;)

If you want to change some from the Mod please upload the changed Mod again so everyone can use the new Version


Textures by Cyrrent Eiledoll

Code by Cyrrent Eiledoll


have Fun!


Some Impressions




Downloadlink: Unsolvedmysteries.rar



If you want more of this i will make new Exhibitions ;)

If you want to help just write me.

Edited by Cyrrent Eiledoll

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Have already made a GF Set some time ago







(Hydrocraft already use some of the Textures)


And if you want to see how Uncle Unsolve can look like



Item_Fez.png.d8db97e5e97411c1f2f5a919f7b78784.pngItem_Questioncane.png.ce8661d8d7da65557aff8ced99a6970c.pngItem_Robe.png.fafc48db41339b07e2e778abaf6202e9.pngItem_Xrayglasses.png.0b35df84a3ca36c42746a682f564e5cd.pngItem_Xrayglassesbox.png.d3b6746d02332281106f646c96ea4cd9.pngItem_Xrayglassesboxempty.png.53609c2395a835b37026614b25b76e2c.png Its WIP and i will add this Items with the next UM Update




Edited by Cyrrent Eiledoll

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Update Secrets of the Sea






Atlantean Statue

Flying Dutchman Model

Seamonster Photo


Bermuda Triangle Chart


Tsunami Chart

Giant Squid Model



Breed Seamonkeys Item_UMSeamonkeypack.png.48e0f87851b2e66dbbed876f9d48331f.png

Make Kaftan, Turban, Question Cane



Some Items like a Fez Item_UMFez.png.7b962ecde372218b60b5485a65ce9ddf.png Toy X-Ray Glasses  Item_UMXrayglassesbox.png.be928be5165ae07fe6957347f327e874.png = Item_UMXrayglasses.png.6c194017de32e9baca1af6a98ec40672.png + Item_UMXrayglassesboxempty.png.3bd73a3d2b783d6ad65fe5e8b1af62fa.png



Most Exhibition Items need Mats who are hard to find

Flytrap Changes. Use function of Wet Towels to simulate growing process

Seamonkys use Wet Towel function (if you dont feed them they will die)


I hope Crooked Nails, VHS Cam and Empty VHS Tape will get more usage with next update (VHS Cam and Tape need to make (fake) Bigfoot or UFO Footage)


New Downloadlink in first post.


Have Fun



Edited by Cyrrent Eiledoll

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