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Tile Problems in WorldEd

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So, after countless hours of changing settings and figuring out how and why this is happening I got nothing other then the fact I messed up TileZed but fixed it and ruined two beautiful maps I've made. Basically I am using TileZed and WorldEd as well as the tiles from here.


Basically, all the tiles are clear as day in TileZed as seen in the picture here:


And yes it is supposed to be this empty.


However whenever I try to zoom in or edit one of the cells in WorldEd to add my custom buildings and such I have this:




As you can see I have a little bit of an issue. I've been trying to figure out how to get the tiles to work in WorldEd for hours but I have lots of studying to do so I was hoping one of you kind people knows the solution for this and is willing to share.


Either way, tell me if you need more information and of what, I'll be happy to do my best to contribute in resolving this problem if it's necessary. And thank you for anyone who might be able to fix this.

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7 hours ago, RingoD123 said:

In TileZed, click on Tools and then Tilesets, make sure the Tileset Folder is pointed at the Tiles folder you downloaded and NOT the 2x folder inside of it.


Yeah I've already done that, I've made that mistake at first and when I did it, it only fixed the Tiles in the TileZed, however WorldEd is still having issues. 


Here as you can see it's set to the Tiles folder and not the 2x:



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