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Sugar Improvements/Rebalancing

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I'm fairly new to project zomboid but I have moderate experience with the game and have witnessed livestream's so I know what its all about (Maximum survival was over a month). I had an idea that I believe to be reasonable and shouldn't be to hard to add to the game but I think would aid long term games.

Right now the only way you can preserve perishable foods is making soups, (Cheese Sandwich doesn't spoil either btw.) and when you begin farming you have to plan carefully or you risk planting too many crops and wasting a lot of your yield; the only foods that you can preserve from this is carrots and broccoli; which are both soup ingredients. This was when I had an idea; why cant we make Jam with strawberry's using our sugar? (Berry's as well when they add them which I heard that they will)

Right now you can only use sugar in soup and to make hot cuppas, both of which makes sugar kind of worthless as it weighs a lot and giver back little. I have heard stories of homemade jam lasting years when it is given sufficient sugar to fruit ratio and lets be honest; one whole bag of sugar has got to be sufficient. Jars could be found in kitchen cupboards (Probably semi rare as they would function as bottles as well) or left behind after eating peanut butter.

Another rebalance to sugar should be that it produces more than 1 hot cuppa. The crafting recipe should be something like;

4 empty mugs + 4 tea bags/ 1 coffee + 1 full kettle + 1 sugar = 4 hot cuppas.

These are just some ideas that I would like to see implemented; if someone else posted something like this before i'm sorry I reposted but I did a quick check and didn't see anything and you know what they say, great minds think alike XD. Im open to suggestions and will try to recheck this page as often as possible or whenever I remember.

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