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Union City


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Thanks for Rekkie in pointing me in the right direction to get world fillers working, These act as containers are will appear full and empty and will work well organizing loot in your base.

They will be found in storerooms in commercial buildings


Video Below


Edited by Neutz
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On 10/9/2017 at 9:29 AM, cardenaglo said:


There you go. 10 or so buildings in there arent mine, a couple of them being a large condo and survival home. Now for the ones that are mine its about 50 or so furnished home and a couple stores.  


Have you still got these? This link isn't working and id like to take a look at these.

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Sadly I do not :(

I lost the mega account just cause i didnt feel like digging up the recovery key and thats why you cant access that link anymore. And while looking to get ya the files i realized those were my only copies after doing a cleaning of my computer of unnecesary stuff. 

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The map is not dead. Neutz has been working as well as I have, so we are still in the developing phase of adding/making lots of buildings and details. Then, after that comes the even more fun part, adding furniture, so stay toned for more news to come. Also glad to hear that, we'll need someone to test it for bugs :P 

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