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Lewd Literature Mod (Zomboid v37.14)

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Lewd Literature Mod


Renames all skill books and magazines with sexual innuendos and double entendres.




I thought that the descriptions like "Fishing for Beginners" and "Intermediate Electricity" were very boring. So I renamed all the book titles to something more... interesting.

This mod renames every skill book and skill magazine with a suggestive title, as well as renaming the newspaper, magazine, and comic book. All of the skill books, as well as the newspaper, magazine, and comic book have a mouseover text (tooltip) added as well (but not to skill magazines).


Obvious warning for sexual content. Also objectification (of males and females, that's fine, right?)


Please let me know if you find any mistakes, if you have suggestions for alternative titles / tooltip text, or if my mod becomes out of date with the latest version of Zomboid.


If you have a mod that adds skill-books, I would also be happy to work with you to create a version of this mod that works with yours / incorporate this into your mod.


(This is my first mod submitted here! Let me know if I've done things the right way)




Download Directly: LewdLiteratureMod.zip
Download on PZ-Mods: Lewd Literature Link


EDIT: New logo (this or something similar will probably be used as the logo in later versions of the mod):




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Change tag from 37 to build 37

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7 hours ago, zoeyflower said:








Make more? There's a pun for every single book or magazine in game...

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7 hours ago, Svarog said:

Thanks for making me laugh so hard I got an asthma attack.


I'm glad! :-D


Some of your small mods look pretty nice. That hiking bags sprite recolors was actually the first mod I made to learn how modding works - I didn't realize it already existed. XD


The zombie loot one is one I've thought of as well (bugged me that zombies carry so little) - it probably goes well with the weapon nerf to stop one going on a rampage for items, right?

Going to try out the Zombie Loot and the Quick Containers mods when next I play. :)




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1 hour ago, zoeyflower said:

sorry i meant to say, i hope you dont abandon this and if more books and such come out in the game it would be awesome if you lewdyfied them immediately aswell


Ah cool, I understand.

Yeah, I certainly plan to support this mod in that manner (at least in the near future, hopefully beyond).

Glad you like it so much!


P.S. Lewdyfied, lol

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