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How to Combine Map Mods

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This is mainly for Single Player use as you can use the "mods=" for server setups.

Also on Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=944054233


First you want to subscribe to and/or download the maps that you want to combine. If you subscribe

using Steam you will find the downloaded mods in your "Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\108600" folder,

each mod with its own unique id number (for example Bedford Falls is 522891356). Now you want to create

the following folder structure (on your desktop):





Now, inside the first folder, alongside the media folder, you want to place a mod.info file and a

poster.png file, you can create your own from scratch, but it's easier to copy them from one of the map

mods (e.g, from the "steamapps\workshop\content\108600\522891356\mods\Bedford Falls" folder) and edit

them to suit your needs. The mod.info should look like the following:



name=My Combined Maps
description=This adds multiple map mods together for use in Single Player


The poster.png file should be a 256x256 image, you can make your own using paint etc or simply use one

from one of the map mods you downloaded.


Now, for each map mod you would like to combine, navigate to its map data folder (e.g, "steamapps

\workshop\content\108600\522891356\mods\Bedford Falls\media\maps\BedfordFalls") and copy across all of

the ".lotheader", ".bin" and ".lotpack" files to your own map data folder ("MyCombinedMaps\media\maps

\MyCombinedMaps"). Be careful when adding any maps that have cells that overlap, add the map you want

be "on top" last.


Once done, copy across the "map.info", "objects.lua", "spawnpoints.lua", "spawnregions.lua" and

"thumb.png" from ONE of the map mods to the same folder as the files above. Rename the spawnpoints.lua

file to something like bedfordspawns.lua or denverspawns.lua depending on the map. Now copy the rest of

the spawnpoints.lua files from each map and rename them to something relevant too.

Your map data foler should now have multiple "*spawns.lua" (one for each map) files alongside all the

rest of the map files (".bin", ".lotheader", ".lotpack" etc).

The next thing you need to do is add the objects.lua data from each other map to the one you copied

into your map data folder. For each one, open using notepad and copy/paste everything after "objects=

{" up to but not including the final "}" in the file, into the objects.lua already in your map data

folder, after the final entry but before the final "}".


Next, edit the map.info file to:



title=My Combined Maps
lots=Muldraugh, KY

description=Adds multiple map mods to the vanilla world


The last file you need to edit is the spawnregions.lua file (some maps may not include one of these, but you

can easily make your own too), you will need to add/edit entries to point to the "*spawns.lua" files

you renamed, it should end up looking somehting like:



function SpawnRegions()
 return {
  { name = "Muldraugh, KY", file = "media/maps/Muldraugh, KY/spawnpoints.lua" },
  { name = "West Point, KY", file = "media/maps/West Point, KY/spawnpoints.lua" },
  { name = "Rosewood, KY", file = "media/maps/Rosewood, KY/spawnpoints.lua" },
  { name = "Bedford Falls", file = "media/maps/MyCombinedMaps/bedfordspawns.lua" },
  { name = "New Denver", file = "media/maps/MyCombinedMaps/denverspawns.lua" },


This will give you the option of spawning at any of the map mods (or vanilla games) spawn options after

selecting your combined mod on the world select screen.


All that is left to do now is copy your entire folder structure into your "C:\Users\YourUserName\Zomboid\mods"

folder. Now you can load up the game, enable your mod, start a new game, select your combined mod and

then spawn in a town of your choice.


Some map mods will also come with additional folders inside of their "media" folder, alongside the maps

folder, it's important to also copy these across to your combined mods "media" folder as they will be

adding things such as lootable maps, additional items/recipes etc.


Here's a working example that combines Bedford Falls and Fetzington into a single mod: http://www.filedropper.com/bedfetz_1

(Should only be used as an example as it will become outdated as soon as a new version of Bedford Falls or Fetzington are released).

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