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Muldraugh/West Point Photos

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Ended up passing through Muldraugh and West Point (in real life) on a trip with a few friends after going through Louisville, got the chance to stop and take a few pictures, and also talk with a few of the locals! Thought I might share a few of the photos we took, as well as some links to the places as they appear in-game. :)


Photos taken in Muldraugh:




The elementary school/city hall/police department:,0.22008822438989325,95.39621664406894






Coincidentally, speaking of military vehicles in the last Mondoid, this was out behind the police station:





And of course, the iconic Church:,0.23082318256466686,114.47545997288273



A few photos in West Point:




The other iconic large church in downtown West Point:,0.1715292371247736,95.39621664406896



The Bank and the Post Office:,0.16742378377068737,114.47545997288274




And finally, the Ohio River as it appears in-game:,0.15606003057343506,55.20614389124362



Also saw quite a few military aircraft flying over the towns into/out of Fort Knox, can't wait to see the in-game version of it:



And that's about it! Photos of ground-zero of the Knox Event in real life for anybody who's never been.  All of the locals we met during the trip were very friendly. :) 



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Those photos are golden... 8-)

But no, seriously, those photos are brilliant, albeit even a little spooky how well PZ recreates the feel of that place. Thank you for sharing them Deputy :)


Welcome to West Point.

Population: You!

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Did the locals think you were crazy?


Fortunately, no! We did meet a worker who knew about Project Zomboid, which was pretty cool. :-D Other townsfolk we met with were very friendly and up for talking about the history of the town(s), and what it's like living right by Fort Knox. Definitely one of the highlights of the trip!



you printed and brought spiffo pics with you before driving there? thats amazing :) 


Yep! Printed them out in the event that we ended up heading through the towns, which we did - I took a page out of Spiffo's 'always be prepared' book. :) 


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I came back from work to find out this actually made it into a Mondoid?! That's crazy! :-o  It definitely made me and my friends' days, that's for sure!


(Though I would like to say for the record that any terrorizing of the locals by Spiffo was completely accidental and unintended. ;-) )

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I keep forgetting that most of the devs are based in Europe and the UK, and they might not have seen the cities in person. Thank you, Deputy. You've done us all a great service. Salutations! 

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