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Zombies and Trees


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Hello PZ people,

As it is summer time in the good ol' USA, I am starting to play Project Zomboid again. The game has changed so much and I feel like a noob again it's that hard! 

However, it seems that if you're willing for a slight jog in the forest, the zombies can't get to you. Especially if you're self-sustainable there really isnt a reason to leave, and it gets boring because there is no threat.
I think, at least hordes, should somehow be able to move through forests more swiftly so that truly, no where is safe. Otherwise it's boring :P

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Well,  since your hiding out in the forest - And theirs Wildlife in the forest. Perhaps zombified animals? Idk, just an idea. 

But anyways, I think their should be a timer that activates when you leave the town area or city area. If you stay in a forest, or out of town for more than a single day: a hord spawns at the edge of the map that walks toward's your last location every 5 minutes. The horde will stop following you the second you re-enter the town and or city area. Those are my thoughts...

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Would be good if when the map is created the devs just allow some zombies to be spawned in random patches around the country side and on the borders of areas covered by tree's. Currently as the original author of the post states there is literally no threat if you're out in the country side as it would seem no zombies spawn there. Additionally even if you have the setting that dictates how far zombies can be attracted to you turned right up it's still not far enough to draw in any zombies in even if you stand there doing nothing more than constantly firing a shotgun over and over again.

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