East Muldraugh Nature Reserve V1

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my first post here to let you know about my little project, the East Muldraugh Nature Reserve.



I built it in the first place to fill the void between Westpoint and New Bedford.

In the North it connects to the end of the River south of Westpoint, forming a lake. From there it is mainly forest, crisscrossed by some hiking paths for nature tourists. A few huts here and there for those who would like to try in the wild. On the south border towards Bedford Falls there is the small village (Fetzington) east and an Eco-Hotel and a prison on the west.


I dont really plan on making many buildings or large towns. I hope others do that. My plan for the future is only to add a few more customized locations in forest. If feedback is good ill look into working over few other parts of the main map with a little more interesting forest and a few small villages.


Big thanks to the Authors of the buildings in Building Pool V2 and for the effort of putting all these buildings into a budle.

More of that please!

i hope you enjoy, let me know what you think.


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