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Officer Mercer Kyle

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This here is a rough image and headshot of my typical PZ character, Officer Mercer Kyle. Here's his bio:


Name: Mercer Kyle

Profession: Police Officer

Positive Traits: Lucky, Inconspicuous

Negative Traits: Restless Sleeper, Disorganized, Slow Reader


Bio: The transition from big-city cop to small-town deputy hit Officer Mercer Kyle hard. Once a budding prospect of the Louisville Metro Police Department, he was unceremoniously transferred out of the city after he accidentally shot and killed a young boy while on patrol. He ended up behind a desk in the sleepy little town of Muldraugh, where everyone knew each other's name and the townsfolk rolled up the sidewalks at dinnertime. For three long years, Mercer sat behind that desk, never once drawing his gun or chasing down criminals, resigned to stopping the occasional drunk driver and breaking up midnight house parties. But despite being a city boy since birth, Mercer never once complained. The image of the young boy lying dead in the middle of the street still haunted him, and he was determined to make up for his mistake by protecting and serving the people of Muldraugh however he could. Yet still, deep down, he secretly longed for some action, or excitement, or SOMETHING to break up the monotony of rural Kentucky life.


Now it is 1993.  A strange infection has swept through Knox County, turning people into ravenous undead monsters. Muldraugh has been plunged into chaos, and Mercer is smack-dab in the middle of it. With his fellow officers dead or missing and a catastrophe of apocalyptic proportions enveloping the countryside, Mercer Kyle has only his pistol and his wits left. Will he continue to protect and serve the people of Muldraugh in their greatest time of need? Or will he succumb to a danger the likes of which no police officer has ever faced before?


(Made using HeroMachine 3, though believe me I wish I could draw my own characters)



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