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Hello again!


Probably such proposals have already been received, but if not, I will raise this topic first. What do you think about bikes (sketboards, rollers, motorcycles, trolley for the railway)?

Now that you have practically realized the transport, it will be much easier to add to the game and give it even greater brilliance and variety.


In any case, I think people would really like to see simple transport on the similarity of bicycles or, maybe really, skateboards?

I think such a simple mode of transport should be advantageous in that it consumes less stamina. At the same time, the speed of such transport can be equal to the running speed of the character.

Also, I think with this transport should be easy to fall in a collision with a zombie or another player (I'm sure that such an animation is planned). That is, in such a transport, there must be both pluses and minuses.


It's just an idea, but as soon as I think about it, it sounds incredible in my head.


Sorry for my English :(
Yours faithfully, the guy from cold Russia.

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As an avid zombie lore enthusiast (I'm the stupid guy at the office that brings up the zombie apocalypse on occasion), I often tell people that a low-maintenance vehicle would be key to surviving in a lone-wolf setting. Something quiet, something portable, something that can navigate a wide variety of terrain...


The clear answer is of course a bike! If you haven't read Max Brooks' Zombie Survival Guide, there is a section dedicated to vehicle discussion. One of the suggestions, is of course, a bike.


Some of the benefits of a bike include...


- You don't need to be a mechanic to replace a broken chain, a tire tube or attach new brake lines (Okay the last one you may need a diagram or tutorial to learn from if doing it for the first time. Bike magazine perhaps?). Plus, a mountain bike allows for off-road travel without damaging the bike itself.

- You can affix a basket, bag or harness of some type to the bike, depending on schematics (Engineer skill?)

- A bike is light enough to carry in your hands (not without being encumbered in some way, of course),

- It is relatively quiet assuming all parts are in working order.  The sound of rubber tires on concrete is small; you'd make more noise jingling and clanging while pedaling from the supplies you're carrying. Squeaky brakes could also be a problem, but find a little grease and problem solved.

- Portability allows for movement in more confined spaces. Plus you can store the bike inside.

- Fitness exp! Riding bikes is great exercise! :-D


Some of the drawbacks of a bike include...


- Crashing. If you run into a wall or fence or obstacle, you're going to fall, and it's going to hurt you and probably the bike.

- Using both hands while riding (Oh it's easy to ride a bike with no hands! Okay, sure it is. Now show me you doing it with a stuffed hiking bag on your back surrounded by zombies)

- Increased danger around zombies due to lack of maneuverability and the ability for zombies to pull your from your bike, step in front of you and make you crash, or anything else that common sense would dictate

- Not as fast as other forms of travel. This is offset by some of the advantages listed above.

- Tires perhaps more susceptible to damage, thus requiring more frequent replacements or fixes and in turn, more dire situations when one of your tires unexpectedly pops.


Overall, I think it would be best to wait on bikes until after the animations come out because so much of what is involved with riding a bike would be completely dependent on the new animations anyway. Still, a great suggestion I think. :-)


Margera... I do appreciate your interest in skateboards, given your namesake. But I think that in more situations than not, a skateboard would be pretty limited. Maybe not for an expert boarder, but it still takes years of practice before getting to that skill level. Though it would be quite a sight to see a skateboarding survivor tearing his way through downtown with a horde following the madman!

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I'm glad that I got someone's attention!

In fact, almost everyone can ride on the board. Although of course, in order to ride and not fall you need to learn for a while. Anyway - Yes, of course, skateboarding is just a guess.

That is, I want to say - I just wanted to pay attention to modes of transport other than cars, since this sphere has great potential, and of course we need to wait for new animations! And we running sprint stumbling right into the crowd of zombies :D


It was interesting to read your comment, thank you «FireOnAsphalt» !

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That's just a great idea! Yes!!!


1 hour ago, Damien Darkside said:

However you know what Bicycles would be great with less animation? Motorcycles.


However, with motorcycles yet likely to be difficult. Because they must accelerate no worse than cars, and I already noticed that when you eat by car the map is loaded for a long time. Imagine what will happen if the card will be loaded slowly and you will fly into the house, for example, at full speed :D

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