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New Lincoln Radio System

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I've been working on this mod, called New Lincoln Radio System. You all probably know it as "ZRS" or "Zombocalypse Radio System".  You can find the work in progress rewrite here. One of my issues, is that in lua/client the script is just a script to spawn the items into your inventory because I don't know what I need in lua/client for this mod. I am also asking for help with Icons for the radio and how to fix the tool tip, when you hit place, the little black box that says the name of what you are placing still says "US Army Comm Ham Radio" or Walkie Talki and I can't figure out how to change that. And if you are willing after all this help, I would like to ask someone to look over /lua/server the distribution script I have in there. I'm new to modding and have been learning from tearing apart other mods and RoboMats tutorial. I'm in dire need of help here ._.


Extra information:


What I basically did was copied the US Army Comms from the base game script.txt and edited the display name and range. This is a mod for me to learn how to mod and give a radio that covers nearly the entire server [as requested by a server owner that I play with.]

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