[SOLVED] Custom item icons not working
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Can not seem to get my custom items icons to work.

I've put the icons in "C:\Users\<username>\Zomboid\mods\<modname>\media\textures".
I've added "Item_" before the icon names. (Example: Item_Test.png, didn't work without it either)
I've made the pictures indexed and 32x32. (Didn't work without indexed either)
I've added "Icon = Test," to the custom item. (Didn't work with Test.png either)
I've even tried adding the icons to "...\<modname>" and write a .lua with the code:

ModIcons = {}

function ModIcons.loadTextures()


(But this method didn't seem to work)

Is the methods I'm using outdated?
Help would be much appreciated!


The items and crafting needs to be in the same .txt

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