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Damien Darkside

DamienDarkside's Twitch Channel

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Hey all! I am Damien Darkside, and I am a small Twitch channel. Currently I am playing a lot of Project Zomboid, and it is modded as well. 


I stream a few times a week, and will be updating this thread with posts for my stream times.



  • Craft Helper
  • More Building
  • More Hair Colours
  • Survivor Quest - Somewhat impossible goal of collecting 12 pieces of serum as a "cure", just for gameplay sake.
  • Starting Points ++ - Done so I can be a scout without being an obese smoker
  • Faster Reading ++ - Slight speed up of reading, keeps Twitch going
  • Walking Dead Prison (Might explore)
  • Spray Paint
  • Book Collection V3 - Organizes books
  • Books Retextured
  • Quick Bags
  • Quick stuff
  • Craftable Axes
  • Real Gun Mod
  • More Zombie Loot - Random things on Zombies

    Of course... Hydrocraft is on as well.

Check me out at https://www.twitch.tv/damiendarkside


I also play other games as well, but at time of posting, PZ is the main focus.


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Starting up at 3pm PST!


New starting place since a molotov went off and now a huge horde is spreading fire around too much. The map will most likely be overrun with fire zeds eventually.


Also now recording for posting on Youtube since I now have a chat overlay.

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