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Hi guys!


I want to recommend you an addictive f2p, tug of war kind of game. If you are familiar with flash games Warfare 1917 or Warfare 1944 then Warfare Online is sort of a continuation of the idea made by the same guys - Con Artist. But this time game is made in Unity and is available for everyone to play on Steam.


It's a 1v1 PVP online game.

The game is currently in early access, but official release should happen rather sooner than later.


official website: http://warfare-online.com

steam page: http://steamcommunity.com/app/468250

discord: https://discord.gg/QjQc4DB






PS I'm not getting any benefits for recommending this game to you, I just happen to like it and the player base is rather small atm and it could use some fresh blood :)

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I liked warfare 1917 and I LOVED playing the last stand and that one 3d last stand on facebook that has like all these base attacks and looting runs


you got me hooked dude i played for 2 and a half hours without a single break this game is amazing

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