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The battle of west point

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I'm going to write this story in the same fashion as stories in Max Brook's book in "World War Z".

Which means The character Max, Who does the interviews for the book, will do the same here. 

My Story Takes place in an alternative Timeline Where The Zombie Plague has been almost completely Eradicated, At least for decades

This Story is almost completely inspired by a story in particular Described in the pages of "World war Z".


Denver, Colorado, USA.


I meet Ted at a Park/picnic area knee Deep in the woods. The day is sunny, Perfect for outdoor activites. 

Families and Couples enjoying the Warm, sunny day. 2 Months without the smallest outbreaks Gives everyone hope that the threat might finally be over. Ted, Even though old, still manages to walk and Exercise like he used to. As i Get up to get us Beverages, Ted is doing push ups and squats near the bench. "A force of habit From my days in the Forces" Ted said. I could see the Fire in his eyes, a brave veteran. 


Ted: "The Sky was Red that day. All the Smoke, The crap that had been Filling the air all summer. It put the sky in this Amber red light. Like Looking at the world with Hell colored glasses, Heh. That's how i first Saw West point, this little Depressed, Rust-collar no-name town in Washington. It had been what, 3 months since Everyone hit the panic train? People just Freaking out, Boarding their houses, Stealing food, Guns, Shooting everything that moved. The Rambo's, and the Fires started, Probably killed more people in those few months Than Zach did. That Whole Shitstorm we now Refer to as "The great panic". We we're Sent to this town to Show The american People that we we're still in charge, So they would calm the hell down and we could deal with the real problems. The town was a natural Chokepoint, and it was a good idea, The only good idea that day.  Why didn't they put us on the roofs? They had big buildings, with nice flat tops. They could have put a whole company right above The Supermarket, with a clear view of the whole town. We wasted so much time, So much energy putting up these ellaborate firing positions. "Cover and concealment" They told us. Cover and concealment?! Coventional protection from small-arms and artillery strikes. Was Zach Now Calling airstrikes on our ass? Narrow minded officers... They even tried to dig fighting holes for the tanks, The engineers blasted them at the parking lot of a church. So much Shit that we didn't need. They we're just there to look pretty For the press.


Max: "For the press?"


Ted: "Hell Yeah! The're must've been atleast a dozen News reporters. On foot or in vans, I don't know how many News choppers we're circling the city. You'd think they'd spare a few to try to rescue people from DC.  It was all for the press. To show them all our Big green kill-power. So much was for the show, not just the vehicles, but us aswell. They had us in  MOPP, Dude. Mission Oriented Protected Posture. Big bulky suits that was supposed to protect us from a multi Chem-environment. 


Max: "Did your superiors Believe the Virus was airborne?"


Ted:  "If that was true, why didn't the New reporters Protect themselves, Or most importantly out Officials just a mile away behind the line. They we're cool and comfortable in their BDU's While we sweated under layers of Rubber and Thick heavy charcoal. Why the hell do you need a helmet when you're fighting a living corpse, Shit they're the ones that need helmets, not us. Through our eye-piece we could see The map, GPS data, And even link up with other soldiers on the battleground to see whats happening on their end With This Netro-centric Communications device that the whole company had. I can't believe i was still standing from all the heat, when zach Showed up. It was a small trickle at first. Ones and twos Shambling between the abandoned Vehicles scattered across the streets. Atleast the refugees had been evacuated. Zach started entering the first kill-zone. The Rockets launched, i felt my hood shiver as the rockets Hurled at zach. Dudes we're cheering on their mics, me too, Watching gouls start to tumble. i'd say the're we're maybe 30-40 Zombies at first, the rockets took out maybe 1/7th of them. And that's what should have made us worry right then and there. Steel rain, hot pieces of Shrapnel we're passing through zach's body, Revealing intestine and maybe taking a Limb or two. Remember, you're trying to destroy the brain, everything else is useless. Some we're still walking, others too trashed to stand. Yeah *Sigh* we Should have worrier, but the're wasn't enough time to worry. The Trickle was now turning into a stream, More G's, dozens. Funny Thing about Zach, you always think he's going to be dressed in his sunday best. That's how the media Portrayed them. G's in Business Suits and a cross section of every day America. Only dead. That's not what they look like at all. Most Of them, The early infected Died in hospitals or their own beds. Most of them we're in pyjamas or on their Underwear. Some we're completely Buck-bear. You could see the wounds, Gauches that made you shiver even in all that body armor. I wasn't scared, not yet. I saw the The high explosive Cores land in Zachs crowd. It didn't do shit, no SMT effect. Sudden Nerve Trauma i think it was called, i don't know i'm not a fucking doctor. The pressure from the explosion makes all your internal organs pretty much shut down. Like god flicking your light switch. That doesn't happend with zach Though. I mean it's not like zach Skipped through the barrage Unharmed. We saw bodies Blown to shit, tossed in the air like freaking Shampagne corks. We we're taking them out not doubt, but not as many or as fast as we needed to. The next killzone was direct fire from the heavy arms, The tanks the bradleys with their Mounted machine guns. The humvees also opened fire. Mortars and missiles. It was a fucking meatgrinder, a woodchipper. Zach clouding like sawdust. "Nothing could survive this" i thought.  But then the fire started to die...


Max: "Started to die?"


Ted: "Petering out. Whithering. 


For a second he is silent. But then, his eyes refocus.


Ted: No one thought about it, no one. Don't bug me with stories about Budget cuts, or Supply shortage, The only thing in shortage here was common Sense. Do you know, What an M1 Abram Tank Firing a silver Fragmented round is going to do to a living corpse? Nothing! Do you know what it feels like to see a Three ton tank Firing into a crowd of corpses with Jack shit results? Fire was dying, Zach was still coming, and the fear. We all felt it, the actions in the men around me and the orders from squad leaders. This little voice shreeking at the back of my head going "Oh shit oh shit...". We we're the last line of defence, the afterthought that came to firepower. Maybe 1/10 was expected to score a kill. They came spewing over the Highway guard rails, around the houses Through them! They moaned so loud, they echoed right through our hoods. I took my safety off, sighted my target, when the order came to fire. I was a sawgunner, a light machinegunner and was supposed to fire in short controlled bursts about as long as it takes to say "Die motherfucker, die!". The initial burst was too low. i saw one get hit in the chest, Fly to the asphalt and get right back up as if nothing happened. Dude, when they get back up. I did my best to control my fire. "Just keep it together, aim for the head" i kept telling myself. We could have stopped them, we should have. 1 man with a gun, that's all you need right? Professional soldiers, trained marksman, how did they get through? They still ask that, Critics Who weren't there. You Think it's that simple? You think after being trained to aim for the center-match your whole military career, you could suddenly make an expert head shot every time? You think after watching all the wonders of modern warfare fall flat on their high-tech hyper ass, And after already living through three months of the Great panic, Seeing Everything you knew as reality be eaten alive by an enemy that's not even supposed to exist, that you could simply keep a cool fucking head and a steady trigger finger? Well we did! We still did our job and made zach pay for every fucking inch. That communication device i talked about earlier... To see what was in front of our faces was bad enough. We might be facing thousands, but behind them we're millions! We didn't need to see that, i didn't need to hear that. That scared little voice suddenly wasn't so little anymore. "OH shit oh shit!". Suddenly it in my earpiece aswell, Whenever some jack off couldn't control his mouth Communication made sure we heard it. "There's too many, we gotta get the fuck outta here!".

Someone from another platoon, started hollering "I hit em' in the head and it didn't die! They don't die when you shoot it in the head!". I'm sure it must've missed the brain it can happen. Panics even more infectious than the Virus.  "What?! They don't die, Who said that? You shot it in the head, and it didn't die Holy crap they're indestructible!" All over the net you could hear this! Someone from another platoon yelled  " Everyone pipe down! hold the line, stay off the net". An older voice, you could tell. "They're behind us! The lines broken, they're everywhere!". Suddenly the image went dark, cut off from an external source. The older voice was back again, "Stay Off the net!" He ordered, trying his best to control his voice, and then the link went dead. A few seconds after the communications line fell, The sky was hovering with JSF's. I could see them releasing their shells. I was at the bottom of my whole, cursing god and my own hands for not digging deep enough. That ground shook, the sky went dark. Debris was everywhere. Earth and ash and burning Flesh right above my head. I suddenly felt a weight slam between my shoulder. It was a burned torso, all charred black and still trying to bite! i kicked it away and rolled out of my hole. I Found myself staring into this Shroud of black smoke. The freeway, the houses, Everything was covered by this midnight cloud. I vaguely remember other guys getting out of their holes, Hatches opening in tanks and bradleys, everyone just staring into the darkness. It was quiet, and in my mind lasted for hours. And then they came. Right out of the smoke like a little kids nightmare.  Some we're steaming, some still burning. Some we're just Too trashed to stand, Crawling on their bellies. Maybe 1 in 20 was still able to move. And behind them, mixing with their ranks and pushing towards us, The remaining MILLION that the airstrike hadn't even touched. And that's when the line collapsed. I don't remember it all at once, i see These flashes of people Running, Grunts, reporters. I remember a news man with a big moustache, trying to pull a beretta out of his vest before 3 Burning G's pulled him down.  I remember a dude forcing open the door of a news van, and pulling out this pretty blonde reporter, and trying to drive away before a tank crushed them both. Two news choppers crashed together showering us with their own steel rain... Shooting, crazy random shooting, i even took a round in my armor center plate. It felt like i had ran into a wall, even though i was standing still. It knocked me on my ass, i couldn't breathe. And just then some dumbass lobbed a flashbang right infront of me. The world was white my ears we're ringing. I froze, hands we're clawing me, grabbing me, trying to pull me. I kicked and punched and squirmed, i shouted but i couldn't even hear my own voice. More hands, stronger we're trying to haul me somewhere. Kicking, squirming, screaming, suddenly a fist clocked me in the jaw. I was suddenly relaxed. These are my buddies, Zach don't punch!. They dragged me into the closest bradley, my vision cleared just to see the line of light vanish just as the hatch closed. We hauled ass right out of there, and that's when West point was Completely overrun."


*End of interview*


Well guys, i hope you had fun reading since i sure had fun writing it! 

Leave a reply on what you thought of it!








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