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Hey guys. I made a post a while back here on ideas for a post-apocalyptic campaign, and i actually did get that up and running with a few irl friends. Eventually it fell apart, and now I'm starting new. I've made the basics of the world such as continents and the kingdoms, but other than that, I have just a few adventures and some towns. I made this post with the idea of having multiple people come up with ideas and for it all to come together in a cool campaign setting. If you have ideas or want to know more, please let me know. I will be posting more in the future on how it's coming along. Thanks for reading.

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2 hours ago, IndigoRebel said:

Instead of focusing on the world. Put your focus in one country in that world

Would be a nice idea, but I have a setup in which the world is ruled by one king, with an uncivilized continent in ruin and minor pockets of uncivilized land. My end goal is for said kings assassination, and for the kingdom to be gripped in evil by the new leader. Thanks for the idea though. I'm currently working on a region called the Equator Bay for it's position on the map. Here's what I've got so far. Major places in towns are listed.


Sentro- human hamlet

  • Sleepy Owl tavern
  • an old well (home to a maddened cultist)
  • the Oturn river (why does a riverside town have a well? you ask: I plan on resolving this in future adventures)

Threj- elven small town.

  • an elven canopy tower near the town
  1. Quillathe Threj III lives in the canopy tower, and is the elven representative in the kings council.

Aquaris- hamlet

Janis- hamlet

Vaughn- hamlet

'Quater's edge- small city

  • South side- the side still under rule of law, led by a Lawful Neutral wizard
  • North side- the side of the city that's under the rule of a Lawful Evil wizard, who's end goal is to take over the city

Axe Point- frontier town on the unsettled Axe Island


Oturn River- leads out to Equator Bay

Equator Bay- a large bay containing many islands that is centered on the planet's equator

Axe Island- an island of about 50-75 square miles that sits in Equator Bay, mostly uninhabited

Threj Wood- a forest near the town on Threj


Other things will be added, but this is what I have so far. I have a map I've drawn but I have yet to get it on my PC. Most of the towns have much more description, but I figured this would be a good overview for now.

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Its not an Idea, it advice.


I run my own homebrewed fallout/RoadWarrior game


And im telling you. You dont want your land to feel small you have to put the perspective of distance to the players and make them feel as if there is a massive world to explore.


A country doesnt just have 3 small towns. You have to consider old world city ruins which is a part of the geography now, its almost like a different kind of forest. You have to flesh out what the old world was like before you consider the new world. And thats why trying to work on a whole world at once is risky, there is far too much to cover. Whats the purpose of fleshing out places your players may never visit.



To give you an Idea here is a map of the Country where my D&D Fallout game takes place


Every area with red outline is oldworld city borders. Areas outlined with green is wilderness. The blue lines is the dry river highway

And the dotted line is the old world highway.

Every banner is a major faction fighting for supremacy on this Country.


So thats a total of 6 old world cities

Each city has in depth writing on the city districts, the major factions and minor factions which reside in the ruins.

Each one has thousands of potential dungeon crawling locations, their own politics and even New World Towns and Villages. Like a Town of scoundrels built under a bridge. Or a impressive New World City made within a Gated mansion community.

Im not asking you to scrap your whole idea, im advising you to tone down the scope, because as you can see from my map. There is alot that can be done with a single country.




So your game is it the post Apocalypse like road warrior or is it a Cyber Punk Dystopia like BladeRunner?

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I run 5e DnD and Dungeon World games, generally with a similar "big world" and global politics focus. Here are some tips to make it happen and save yourself some headaches.


1. I use alt rules like slow healing, crippling damage, and extended tasks to slow down the party's progress. This allows time for the consequences of their actions to shape the world around them.


2. To keep a long story arch together, script it from back to front. I start with them saving/destroying the world (depending on party alignment). Then I script key events leading to that to give me a story skeleton. I'm light on details here to allow for the specifics to come in naturally, and to account for unforeseen party actions. Usually my big story arch is 4 chapters.

Current example frm evil campaign, back to front:

D. Unseal the underdark and lead the forces trapped there to glorious victory over the forces of good which sealed them.

C. Gain alliance with the living "key" to the underdark, which is pursued by all, trusts few, and has only a limited understanding of its true purpose.

B. Use the party's reputation to stir the dormant overworld evils into an unholy alliance against their oppressors, make marginal territory gains against the forces of good.

A. Powerful faction forms a slave vanguard (the party) of captured warriors and force-march them down the dangerous path to the key to the underdark. Party resists, escapes, thwarts the faction and gains notoriety and a leg up on knowledge of the powerful Key "artefact."

This runs at a pace of about 7-10 sessions (4-6 hours each) per chapter.


3. I don't make towns or features. I start with a blank continent/region map. Then, every time the players encounter a new place (town/trail/dungeon) I have them make perception and/or history checks. Based on that,  I have THEM tell ME about the places they go. Who lives here? How big is the town? What do they do here? What are some defences you've heard of here? What are some local legends?

The better their checks are, the more lore I let them write. With poor checks, their lore isn't as accurate and I will fudge with more of it. This saves me TONS of prep time and involves the players in world creation, which they love. Lots of memorable villains/folk heros/dungeons have been born this way.



Hope something in there helps!

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Also make all your bad ass planned events happen early.


Because you might lose this game too and might not be able to do those bad ass scenarios. So do what you have in your head early, trust me youll have lots of new stuff as you play

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Thanks both of you for the advice. To answer IndigoRebels question, this campaign isn't an apocalyptic one. My old one was. I'm currently working on something a little closer to standard D&D campaign settings. I just started the setting, so the few town's I have is all I've made so far. I plan on making many more. There will be a lot of ruins from the old kingdoms though, the ones that where around before the one world kingdom came about. I already have the basics going for tons more going. As always, thanks for reading and the help.


Sorry, accidentally didn't hit the 'post' button. this was supposed to be posted on Easter, but ah well.

Thanks IndigoRebel for telling me to make planned cool events happen fast. I've been trying to do that, my current adventures are leading up to it, each one I try to add relevant information for the next upcoming big adventure. My plan is each time the PCs level up for something major to happen in the campaign world, weather it be the assassination of the king or getting banished to some hostile plane of existence.

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8 hours ago, Queen Glory said:

#bringbackthisthread @TheWraithPlayer

i completly forgot about this. I started it up and found some issues, so what I did was instead of what I normally do (make a set of linear adventures) I made I guess what you'd call an adventure web, in which different adventures lead usually to 2 or more other adventures, with the next one being determined on actions in the current adventure. I'm trying to make as many of them as possible before putting them in the web. I've got a basic web with major adventures up but I'm trying to make one for most monsters. With a total collection of over 1000 different monsters from multiple source books it'll b e near impossible, so what I'm doing for each is listing the monster, CR, adventure title (all of mine have them so I can sort them easily) and a basic one sentence description so I can actually make the adventures as needed and still remember all my ideas. if anyone wants it I can give some examples to show you what I mean. As always, thanks for reading.

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