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Prexisting corpses


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Good morning,


        I have been wondering, wouldn't it be awesome if there were corpses already in places when you spawned? (More than a few people who drank bleach) I'm talking about in places like the police station or survivor houses. You go to the location and you see all of the windows busted out and piles of dead bodies where someone had their last stand. Would indeed be cool. Food for thought.

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On 4/12/2017 at 11:15 AM, Queen Glory said:

Theres been subjects on hanging corpses and the whatnot which would be really cool but i think it was agreed it would be too edgy or something like that? Idk it's not like survival games have never done it like ZombieU, Sheltered, maybe dying light? But still more corpses in houses and stuff would be pretty dope.

I didn't get to vote, and honestly, that seems appropriate (hanging corpses). Not to be too morbid, but I would choose hanging over zombification any day.


Edit: I would choose hanging over bleach, as well. Downing a bottle of bleach is a terrible, painful way to die. It's also much more "edgy" imo

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Arguing over suicide being represented in PZ is a little bit moot when there has been a preview of suicide by gunshot and already there are bodies around of people who have drunken themselves to death (with bleach or alcohol) and also obviously self inflicted gunshot wounds.


Other than that there is always room for more of these "scenes", hanging could be a good way to get the gravity of the situation across to some people and would be a more common way of 'offing' than bleach drinking.

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I would like to see scenes where one zombie is surrounded by other dead(really dead) zeds.
The idea being he knew he was doomed, presumably bitten or just lost hope, and went to take as many as he could with him and now you at least have to kill a zed to get the guns/ammo/supplies.

also adding onto the hanging idea, could some of them be hanging zeds of people who tried to hang themselves post infection?
harmless(unless the rope breaks) but amusing to see

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one thing i've wondered about is the idea of "setpieces." For comparison, check out don't starve, where you can find certain nifty little spots with charachteristic items and strctures. Thats basically how this kind of content distributes already. Finding a home with four corpses hanging in the breeze might be made something that just sort of randomly pops up 

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See this is why I like exploring in Bethesda games. In both The Elder Scrolls and Fallout you come across skeletons and bodies with a scene placed. Sometimes it is a reference to something but it also (mostly) adds story to empty areas.  Coming across a skeleton holding another skeleton's neck or a body surrounded by drugs always paints a scene that you can make a story from. Even with 500 hours plugged away I'll find some skeleman somewhere with his head in an oven and holding a lighter that I missed somehow and go "Huh! That is neat!"


We do have some form of "survivor stories" that are present in the game. Annoted maps do this very well, with "She was last seen here, no gun" and "Stocked up, meet me here at Mom's"  are fantastic little lore pieces to have. We have "survivor houses" that are boarded up and have bodies on the floor. We also have the "scenes" like the bodies surrounded by bleach or booze (I love the booze ones, free water bottles and disinfected bandages!)

We can have more though and starting off we could have notes. We read notes on the bodies that open a little window. All names randomized.

"They came for Sarah. I fought them off as best as I could. I hope she is safe." Body with weapon (used) with four dead zeds surrounding the body.

"I can't do it anymore. They took Chris. They took Carla. They bit Matt last night and he begged me to kill him. I can't do this. Sorry Mom. May God have mercy on my soul." Body with bleach/gun

"They said life would get better. You just take it a day at a time. Your world will be rebuilt. I could beat my addiction. Then the zombies came and I have no life to live for. Might as well go out the only way I know how." Body with booze.

"Red cord to timer. Timer not set yet. Blue wire will go to A. B will be tied to timer. Bob, for the tenth time remember that timer is in seconds, not minutes." Body with burn marks on the ground. Dead zombies. Possibly have meta game "explosion" event heard.

 After a bit we have things like people being hung. Maybe dismembered corpses if they add that mechanic into the game. People lying in beds with pills in their hands (ala 28 days later).

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