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Changing zombie lore during a game


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Hi all,

First time posting. I was wondering if there was a way to change zombie lore during a game? Is there a lua table for this? As an example lets say I wanted to change zombies from fast shamblers to shamblers depending on an event in game, is that possible or is it something that can only be set at the beginning of the game? If there's no global table that effects all zombies in real time then does each zombie have it's own settings table I can potentially loop through and change?


Hope that made sense.

Thanks for any responses.

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I recently tried slow zombies with poor vision but pinpoint hearing and found it leads to some really terrifying moments. A single zombie knocking or breaking a window can quickly spiral into a full on horde blindly swarming a building. The downside is it makes building and fighting with anything other than stealth kills a nightmare. So I was looking to mod a system where I could have the best of both worlds. For instance maybe during the day zombies are fast shamblers with normal vision and hearing, but as darkness approaches they naturally lose vision (set to poor), move a little slower (shamblers), but their hearing is increased to pinpoint.

Alternatively it could be linked to moon phases meaning the effect can be seen during the day for a few days too... but this makes less sense I guess.


Unfortunately I've not made a great deal of progress, I see references to calls such as instanceLore.Speed.getValue() and instanceLore.Sight.getValue() in the game code, and also getSandboxOptions() (https://projectzomboid.com/modding/zombie/SandboxOptions.html), but I've not had a great deal of time to dig into them.


It would be great if a dev could just say "Yes, that's possible" or "No, global zombie lore can't be changed once a game begins". Atleast then I'd know whether I was wasting my time =).

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there is totally a mod that does this that you should see.  check out FEAR THE RAIN on steam workshop

there is therefore triggers in that code that should do what you want.


As you develop it more I would love to collaborate - i'm working on a fun "magic" mod. Anything you develop on your end might be incorporable directly as spells that come from gathering rare items and doing a little alchemy--  perhaps some side effects of this is that the zombies mutate as you do more magic...

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It looks like fear the rain checks for rain every 10 game minutes, then if raining adds an inaudible (to the player) sound to attract zeds attention to buildings. It's a nice trick but not really what I'm looking for.

The magic mod sounds interesting, definitely a break away from the norm =). I'll be sure to report back if I make any progress.

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