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As a part of a mod I am working on, I would like to modify media\lua\client\ISUI\ISInventoryPaneContextMenu.lua to allow you to write in journals with colored pens and crayons.


I've tried temporarily making the modification (adding extra conditions when defining the local variable "editable") in the actual game file, and that worked.


I've tried creating a lua file in my mod with these contents, but I'm not getting the desired results.


ISInventoryPaneContextMenu.createMenu = function(player, isInPlayerInventory, items, x, y, origin)
    if canBeWrite then
		local editable = getSpecificPlayer(player):getInventory():contains("Pencil") or getSpecificPlayer(player):getInventory():contains("Pen") or getSpecificPlayer(player):getInventory():contains("RedPen") or getSpecificPlayer(player):getInventory():contains("BluePen") or getSpecificPlayer(player):getInventory():contains("Crayons")
		if canBeWrite:getLockedBy() and canBeWrite:getLockedBy() ~= getSpecificPlayer(player):getUsername() then
			editable = false
		if not editable then
			context:addOption(getText("ContextMenu_Read_Note") .. canBeWrite:getName(), canBeWrite, ISInventoryPaneContextMenu.onWriteSomething, false, player);
			context:addOption(getText("ContextMenu_Write_Note") .. canBeWrite:getName(), canBeWrite, ISInventoryPaneContextMenu.onWriteSomething, true, player);
    -- use the event (as you would 'OnTick' etc) to add items to context menu without mod conflicts.
    triggerEvent("OnFillInventoryObjectContextMenu", player, context, items);

    return context;


Can anyone show me how to make this actually work in a mod? What am doing wrong? 

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