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Then and now

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Hey, so I got this game back when it was available for the very first time. Before Steam, before Desura... the forums were different... the game was different (I assume).

Seems like there's a lot of changes. So many changes in fact... that I have to make this thread. Instead of reading a detailed change log from patch to patch to patch; I was hoping somebody could fill me in on what significant changes there have been.

Are there stories yet?
Is multiplayer reliable?
Are Bob and Kate existent again?
What other significant changes have occurred?

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PROPER stories are not here just yet, but very close, and you can now find maps pre-marked with notations and stashes left behind.


Multiplayer is not 100% reliable but close enough that its quite popular.


B&K unfortunately have not made a comeback.


Significant changes...ye gads too many to easily list if you've been gone that long...driveable cars and user-markable maps are the biggest things, and Hydrocraft mod is worth an entire page to even properly describe.

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1.) Generators:  Loud, gas-guzzling engines you can attach to your fridge to keep food on ice for a little while longer (oh, yeah, there's freezers now)

2.) Alarms and Bombs:  Rig up a distracting sound to move every zombie in a four-block area to one central location.  Throw bombs and watch the whole town burn down.

3.) Sheet rope nerf:  This is a big one when I first encountered it.  The invincible sheet rope, the last true salvation of mankind, can now be pulled down by zombies.  Chances are very good that you will barricade yourself out of your own base if you don't keep track of your sheet rope and carry a few extra nails :)

4.) Better graphics

5.) A prison, check it out, it's nice

6.) Lists of craft-able items are now available.  You can learn more things to craft using magazines

7.) Oh, how could I forget this...  ZOMBIE REGEN!  Did you get used to clearing a neighborhood and then having to run for your zombie killing fun.  Well, those days are long gone.  Don't have your eyes on a particular map-cell for more than, say 16 game hours, and those zombies have all been replaced.

8.) Lucky Trait nerf:  You no longer find axes on one out of every 200 zombies you kill.  You probably won't find one at all...


Man, the list goes on and on.

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