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Can't create player in null square....but it's not null..(solved)

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Hi guys,


I've followed Blackbeards tutorial, and ran into a few problems I managed to sort out (I think, assuming worlded's "write objects to lua" is the missing lua file my game was missing...) But having sorted out that, now when I go to run the map, the games stops loading, pointing me toward console.txt, which I've checked and this is the last part of it:


java.lang.RuntimeException: can't create player at x,y,z=11702,6896,0 because the square is null
    at zombie.iso.IsoWorld.init(IsoWorld.java:1929)
    at zombie.gameStates.GameLoadingState$1.runInner(GameLoadingState.java:245)
    at zombie.gameStates.GameLoadingState$1.run(GameLoadingState.java:220)
    at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:724)
1490415861180 znet: Java_zombie_core_znet_SteamUtils_n_1Shutdown

Obviously, I assume this a problem with spawnpoints.lua, which I have triple checked, and it should all be good... Any ideas?


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I have only seen this problem once before and it was because the map maker had jumped a few steps and created an objects.lua file before they had created their foraging zones. This caused the exact same error you are getting.

If you follow this guide:

you should be able to make and test your map, only downside is you will need to start your map mod again (from dragging your BMP/PNG files into WorldEd) as i have not found a way to remove this error from a map mod once it has manifested. The error will also re-occur if you copy any files across from the pre-existing mod to the new one.

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