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After a forum search on both this site and Steam for the usage of plywood, I found several mentions of it but none really concerning its use as a barricade.


Fairly straightforward, I think it'd be nice to see sheets of plywood to either be crafted/found in lumberyards or construction areas for use in barricading (and possibly in other areas of building further on), especially for large store-front and police=station windows, such as:,0.1175569676169563,492.2235242952022 , and,0.11598198917404345,492.2235242952022


Plywood has been used in many large catastrophe scenarios for the increased protection and security of homes and businesses. I don't think it'd be uncommon to find shops where the windows were boarded/half boarded up by owners. It might also be nice to find plywood over windows of buildings abandoned and condemned long before the virus hit Muldraugh, West Point, or Louisville.


Separately, plywood makes an excellent canvas for graffiti, either by civilians or military.  If anybody here's played Telltale's The Walking Dead, they might remember this had been spray-painted onto the plywood of every building: Image result for walking dead crawford


Just something that I think would be common in the area and add some usefulness and atmosphere to the game. :)



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