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The first image is what I'd imagine a secluded, abandoned train-station-converted-safe-house would look like in-game, after visiting one in-game in Muldraugh some time ago (,0.15996134569165365,55.206143891243606).


The second photo is what I think a local newspaper would look like just before the virus made its way to Muldraugh and West Point, based off of the in-game television and radio reports.  I'm sure people have seen on Steam, but I did want to put it up because, as I've stated before, I recently started using this account and I thought it'd be nice for it to have a place in the official PZ Fan Art section. :)


Newspaper.png(Edit: The police cars were drawn before the awesome vehicle video ( was released.  From now on, I'll be sure to base any police vehicles on the ones shown. :-) )


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