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Prosthesis, eating zombies, armors, coliseum and waves

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Hello comunity of project zomboid, I am grateful that you have gone through this suggestion. I was talking with my friends and we talk about project zomboid, i tell s suggestion and my friends start to say more suggestions and thats howthey were created. This suggestions are for the community, if anyone love this ideas please help us shareing this suggestion to someone else.



I begin with the suggestion of the prosthesis.


I have the idea that if they bite you in an arm, hand or leg you can cut it if the bite dont have a lot of time, if you get bite in a hand or an arm and you cut that part you cant us a hand or too if you cut both, if you cut a leg you are going to walk very slow and a little tired with dificulties to walk. And thats how we got to the prosthesis, if you cut an arm or hand you can craft a prosthesis or find it in a hospital, if you cut a leg you can find a wheelchair(only you can find) or crutches, the wheelchair will have durability, if the durability is up of 75% it will start to grind and warned less zombies and if the durability is up of 100% it will start to grind more its gone to be slow and its gona warned more zombies (all the prosthesis have durability, you can craft it or find it and repair them).




The second idea is about eat zombies (Yes, what you read):



This is a last resource to survive, if you dont have food and you are hungry you can gut a zombie, grab whats inside, cook it and eat it(you can eat it raw)  if you eat an zombie cooked you have little sickness, and very little chance to transform in a zombie, but if you eat raw zombie you have lack of mobility, fails in the aim, and several chance to transform in a zombie. But as i said is only a last resource to survive.





The next idea is about the armors:



They are divided in 3 parts; common armors, rare armors and extravagant armors. (all the armors lost durability on diferent forms, why all parts lost durability for separated)


Common armors: 1.- Civilian armor: The parts can found it in everthing house whit an probability of 80%, are parts how: protectors for skaters, helmets of cyclist and motorist, light bulletproof vests improveds, 2.-Police armor:the armor of the police men whit: light helmets, bulletproof vest betters and clothing more resistant and are something stranges whit a probability to found it of 55%. and 3.- Improvised Armor/Survivor Armor: Are armor what can't be founded, only can be see created whit much materials mainly iron, and scrap metal.


Rare Armor: 1. Military Armor: an armor basically equal to that of the military can be found in zombies and the only way to get the pieces is if this drops them, can also be found in corpses but the possibility is 10% Or 22% find it, has a considerable durability but is not safe for melee combat, full armor grants: -10% melee attack + 10% movement speed, + 8% more aim and less space storage. 2.-Armor S.W.A.T. : This armor is very privileged only increases the statistics with the police profession and these are: 10% more agility with melee weapons 20% more aim, the zombies can detect you faster, and slow down a little the movement speed

Extravagant armors: 1. Anti-bomb armor: good in melee (increases attack by 10%, low aim by 15%, increases probability of a zombie dropping canned food and reduces movement considerably ...)2. Medieval armor: Flexible, easy to repair, but not durable, encounters a probability of 0.08% found in forests (preferably ruins, buried or scattered near the only deep parts of the forest that appear 50% durability to 8%: increases melee 20% but reduces targeting and vision by 15%, increases mobility by 12% and increases zombie attention by 22% tmb you can get a long or short sword Maybe a spear (non-throwable) but with odds of: short sword 0.06% long sword 0.03% and throws 0.01%3. Anti-riot armor: found in helicopters destroyed by the "government or militia" with a probability of 0.02% each piece is also found in the streets or near ruins of combat buggies with an anti-riot shield With a gun included (the shield can be modified with metal or some punches) lasts quite a lot but it is "IRREPARABLE" just like the armor, so if it breaks you will have to get another one and, with the complete set you get: 5% more attack Melee, 15% more aim and accuracy (only with firearms), low protection of attacks against zombies if you do not have the shield.




And the last idea but equally important is the idea of the coliseum and waves:



This is a multiplayer game mode, you start in a part of a little city (created by the community) you will have to kill waves of zombies, the waves are 5 in 5 to 40, then the waves are 10 in 10, you are going to start with guns and bullets, when you kill a zombie you have a reward at the end of the wave.







Edson Arturo Ibarra Moreno

Steam name: Edsonini



Edward Alejandro Triana Paz

Steam name: ZXxloken333xXZ



Enoc Bernardo Padron Llamas Alva

Steam name: New117eb








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