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I found an Unpacker and pakcer java program online to extract the game images from the .BACK files in textures

I was keen to edit them to to fit more in with the theme - they are fine sprites, I just wanted to add my flare to them


The program I'm using packs all the 1/2 sprites up easy and can use fine -

the problem is; the x2 sprites don't wanna be pack'd so I can't use them >< the program seems to stall and never finishes


can anyone guide me to a better program that can handle these PNG files and pack them fast and clean ?


I've started to do a few (the few images in the middle) and then this hick up happened and decided to stop just incase it was going to be wasted time


each item was going to get a little face lift, a small story per each sprite (be great if some one could write a script where it could pick more than just one image file) like pick sprites from my one and then from original so the game would have double the items to dot around the map





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I am in love with this mod overhaul. it was about time someone felt like messing around with the tidiness ingame :P this has been added to my challenge playthroughs and to my personal server and works very well in multiplayer as in singleplayer ! :) 


edit: with permission and great pride ->


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