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I've managed to search the forums of every player made building and assembled them all into one archive. This would hopefully help mappers easily find and use buildings to save some time. As I was looking at each players contributions about 25% had dead links, so I could not get all of them. Also if the buildings required custom tiles I did not include them as there were no working links.


3/29/17 Update

I have fixed possibly 100s of buildings that had issues, missing tiles, red ?'s, and removed duplicates. (If anyone has fixed any yourselves please let me know so I can add the fixed building to the pool!)

I have added two new artists to the pool with their recent work.

I have also changed the format on building categories.  As of now all buildings will be organized by the following types;


  • Commercial
  • Industry
  • Military
  • Residential
  • Special


This greatly improves finding which building you need rather than wasting minutes to search.  I have also added Pictures so every building in the archive now comes with a picture you can view before opening.



Database Statistics:

Total Artists contributions:

Commercial Buildings:

Industry Buildings:

Military Buildings:

Residential Buildings:

Special Buildings: (doesn't fit in any category)

Buildings in total:

Total Rooms:
5,710 (estimate)

Total Size:

Total Man Hours:
400.00 (estimate)


Due to the complexity and staggering amount of recent buildings added, I'm going to have to make a website which shows pictures, the proper custom tiles, and tbx files themselves. This will take some time and once it's finished Ill let you all know. ~Update~ currently I am still working on the back-end of the database and have ran into some issues. For now I will continue to use google drive to host the database.


All buildings compressed & organized. Updated 3/29/2017


A very Spacial thanks to;


















Project Zomboid (for 2 example buildings)




The googlator

Traya Aclus







For all your hard work and dedication!


If you have buildings you should add it to the database Simply create a folder with your name and add all your building .tbx files into it then send me a download link. Feel free to add any pictures.


If anyone does not want their creations in this archive let me know and I will remove them. Since I am dealing with a lot of files, I will need you to provide the building names.


One last thing. Please credit the original artist if you plan to use any of these buildings in your creations.






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Updated 3/29/17~

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xaxaxaxa my buildings are all Useless right now because I realized i messed up the internal names cause Queen Glory=Stupid dumb-ass (exept ones with Drop box links those i've fixed)

Though thanks for taking time out of your day to do something like this, will really help future map makers.

Edited by Queen Glory

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Just wanted to let you know that I cannot preview the link and the download gives me what seems like a corrupted document.

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@Unicorn The file is compressed using winrar, its a free tool that can compress files. You will need a tool to decompress the files You can use winrar or 7zip. Google does not allow previews of files that have been compressed.





It is best practice to compress the files when transferring them, especially when transferred over the internet.


I have just downloaded the files and decompressed them and are working, if you still have problems let me know!

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Hey, I was actually wondering something and maybe you can help?
Like, when I try to make buildings, some tiles are still ?'s. All important tiles are fine, but everything except one railing in the railing section are ?'s. Do you know how to fix this?

(Sorry if you can't answer/doesn't belong!)

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I have a bunch of red ?s on the stair railings as well. I am not sure on a fix, but I just find ways to work around it and use the ones that don't have ?s on them.

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I have about 200 buildings, I'll share them once the Union City Suburban Area is over and out to play. 150 of them are just houses. 110 at least are furnished and ready to be placed.

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