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Some Tilesets missing in a map cell 0,0 error (custom tiles))

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Ok so I looked for every tutorial I could find. Most of which are dead links, outdated or incomplete.


So I used http://projectzomboidatoxwar.blogspot.com/

By Atoxwarrior


Sadly it wasn't in english so I had to replay it a few times to make sure I got everything (of course this is with the old tools as well too).

But I managed to do it.


I've added my tiles to tilzed.

I've created a new tileset definitions

I've created a .pack file

I've modified my mod structure to include the new texturepack folders as well as modify my mod.info file


No matter what I do I always get an error in WorldEd trying to generate lots "Some Tilesets missing in a map cell 0,0"

The directory points to the same tiles directory read by TileZed so I double checked that.


I've made it this far but now there are no more tutorials to cover this that I can find. So any info would be greatly appreciated.


- Capt_Paradox


Oh yeah, though i did play with my tiles folder earlier trying to switch directories between Tiles and 2X which caused my buildings to disappear in TileZed but still appear in WorldEd (after switching it back of course since that didn't help).


So if anyone knows of a fix for that either let me know :)

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