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Add Custom Tiles to Custom Category for Building Ed ISO Tab

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I managed to load my custom tiles into TileZed.


I'm trying to add my custom tiles to the building editor. I can find them if I go under the "tiles" tab and browse that way.

What I'd like to do is create a new Category and select my tiles from the "ISO" tab instead for building.


I went to my .TileZed folder and tried to modify the buildingtiles.txt but it gave me an error after modifying.


So I'm obviously missing something.........

here's my text


    label = Grass Walls
    name = grass_walls
        West = grass_walls_01_000
        North = grass_walls_01_001
        NorthWest = grass_walls_01_002

But like I said still tossing me an error........ any suggestions?

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Nvm figured it out.

For those wondering

Building Editor

-Building Tab in the toolbar

 -Tiles: Under building tab

   -Use the middle window pane to navigate to your custom tiles

    -Use Right window pane to select tiles you want to add

     -Use left window pane to select the category to add them too

      -Then click the little plus below the left window pane at the bottom


Congrats you can now use your tiles in ISO view

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