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I'm experiencing issues with zombie types. I've done everything exact, even looking at two different tutorials (it's all I could really find) and none of those types of zombies are appearing. I've been stumped for over an hour. Please help!

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To add onto above, cars are not spawning either. I've named everything exact and even added properties, but nothing's working. (I'm testing this on high car spawns and zombie spawn. The car that's there was manually spawned.image.thumb.png.f0bb0d1914766fa63d450a6b795fdc49.pngimage.png.dfce2e262bce8c9d75a272023696e2cc.png)

Edit: The only spawn I've seen to actually consistently work is "mccoy," and that's up by a construction site.

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Different types of zones not working but also having a few/some that do is normally a sign that one of your zones is bad, normally down to using an incorrect tool for the job (such as accidentally using the poly tool instead of the rect tool to make a parkingstall etc) which will stop all zones after it from also loading.

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Additional information about BMP and TMX ( maybe will be interesting for someone )

You guys can use BMP to TMX tool one time in the beginning of creating cell. Why ? Because TMX file is more important file than BMP.

TMX file contains all layers from ground to vegetation layers including layers with your objects. PNG vegetation and ground files ( BMP ) contain only 2 layers.

When you trying to do again for BMP to TMX , layers with your objects ( fences , gates , custom trees , leaves, farm cultures etc. ) will be rewrited and cleared and you will lost your previous created things on the cell forever ( if you didn't make backup of TMX file for cell ).

P.S. In the beginning of creating map I few times rewrite cell and lost progress and I lost motivation to do something. Hope this information will help someone and save time and we will see new maps.

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