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How to make a map Start to Finish Full Video Tutorial

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After a very long time of waiting  I have decided to bite the bullet and do my own research and find out how to make a custom map for Project Zomboid. After a Red Bull fueled, grueling 3 days of research I have finally found out how to get started with making a map. I have decided that I would do the community a service and create a tutorial video on how to make a map. A complete all in 1 guide that covers all aspects of the tools and steps needed to get your creativity in gear. The video is long, but worth the watch as you will be on your way to making maps in just a little over 1 hour. I've also added skippable chapters in the video description so you can skip ahead or easily find what your looking for.


~update~ I've added another video explaining the spawnregions.lua file. It is annotated in the video with a link.


This wouldn't be possible without some help from others and would like to thank Capt_Paradox, Will, RingoD123, and EasyPickens for your support!


If you have any questions please feel free to reply to this topic, the youtube video channel, and or The Indie Stone Community Discord and I will try my best to help you in anyway I can.



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forgot spawnregions.lua

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