ItemZed (updated 1.1b)
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Eya, added version 1.3, which should fix the problem with errors during import.

Full list of changes:

FIXED file loading, should now ommit invalid txt files from scripts dir.
CHANGED most settings are stored in registery now instead of files.
CHANGED various outputs (logs, backups, temp&userdata etc) now defaults to "userorhomedir/.ItemZed/"
window.txt to force window size and position now generates in .ItemZed directory as well.
CHANGED some names in file menu to be more clearer.
ADDED some hot buttons on the select folder bar for open/close/save
CHANGED backups are now turned off by default, they can be turned on by going to folder settings and checking the backup tickbox at bottom.

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Hello @turbotutone,

This tool looks awesome but I tried the last version 1.3 on build 40.43 but it does not work for me. It crash during loading mods.

I hope you will can do something for that soon. I look forward to use it !

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