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How exactly does composting work?

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So I built a compost bin on my server about 3 in-game weeks ago and filling it up over that time. How exactly does the rotten food turn into compost?


Some people say you need a sack to collect the compost. But when it comes to the actual compost creation, how exactly does the process work? Some say that after about 2 weeks, food should start composting on its own, others say there should be an option to create compost after food is sitting there for a while. So far, neither option has popped up for me.


Any solutions or maybe how it works differently in multiplayer compared to singleplayer?

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As SailorWolf rightly said, the composting process takes around an in game month now. You will get a visual indicator when there's compost to be collected (looks like the bin is filled with dirt). When you right click on the compost bin it will say how much compost there is available, and you have to have a sack to collect it.

I don't know if it's a bug but if you collect say half a sack of compost, then wait for more to be produced, you cant put any more into that half filled sack.

The compost seems to be produced from a variety of rotten food in the composter, so if I had 40 rotten cabbages, 10 rotten carrots, 10 rotten radishes, it would produce some compost and leave me with say 20 rotten cabbages.


Once the first composting process has been completed the bin also seems to generate worms, I don't know if the quantity of worms increases over time I'm afraid.


Hope that helps.



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