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Handloading Mod [Handload your own ammo] V. 0.1.1

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I am a total Gun Nut.


I used pretty much all of my vacation time this christmas to update Rausheims old Reloading mod. And here it is!




ATTENTION! Ejecting empty cases works only if you play on english! ; "P" is a debug button for spawning every item in the mod, to test it!




New Items!

-empty gun cases, primers, bullets, and powder for all four vanilla calibers (.223, .308, 9mm, ShotgunShells)

-Reloading Press for Shot and one for bullets

-Handloading Manual, neccessary to know the recipes

-New tool to dismantle cartriges: Pliers

-Bullets molds for all calibers

-Maintanance Kit and Lubricant for fixing guns!


New Recipies!

-Use a reloading press, empty gun cases, primers, bullets, and powder to create ammo. (Must be learned from manual)

-Improvise Shotshell Wads from Magazines and Newspapers

-Melt scrap lead in a pot, put it into bullet molds and manufacture projectiles and shot


New Mechanics!

-Your gun ejects empty cases when firing!



Steam Workshop:



Direct: (install in mod folder in C:/user/zomboid/mods)



Usage of my material:



Please credit the people involved in creating this mod!


Roadmap (no particular order):

-I didn´t get it to work and gave up.



-You now need to set up the Reloadingpress with a die set
-Debug button disabled by default. Can be reenabled in the lua files.




Thanks to:

- Rausheim! For creating the original Mod, which I updated

- tommysticks! For helping with the clusterfuck with spawning empty brass (cases)

- Everyone who playes my mod and gives me feedback on it. I will try to improve it as best as I can!

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17 hours ago, sikiter said:

yeeiiiiii!!  please make it  compatible to ORG!!!

Is already planned, but not high priorty because I want to get more content in first.

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On 17.1.2017 at 4:38 PM, Pvt. Hudson said:

This mod looks really nice since I'm new to the game and still playing on Vanilla. Can I find blackpowder to craft the bullets?

You can find Gunpowder. Blackpowder cartriges are planned.



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