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We are a team of two called LunaSouls. We started developing the game about 7 months ago. For more information, contact us at: lunacythegame@gmail.com

IndieDB page


One developer and one writer






Lunacy takes place in an old house in the forest area near the town of Angel Falls, in the 1970s.





Eleven year old Elijah Grey and his mother Katarina recently bought a 90 year old house. The first time he was left alone in the big house, he started feeling someone else's presence. The more he explored, the more he found out about the sinister past of this frightening house and attracted someone's attention.





Psychological horror game that gives the players the opportunity to choose their own path.
The players can explore the house and discover its terryifing secrets and dreadful past.







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it reminds me of a game that some japanese dude whos apparently hideous was working on that had like realistic interior just like the one youve shown with the same wall trim and same kinda walls and hallways and it also had ghost girl just like the one youre showing 


now that im thinking about it you probably based this game off that game and im pretty amazed that you managed to pull it off to be so realistic and it looks a lot like it you have done some great work i would buy it if its buyable without bank accounts or paypal cause i dont wanna be a victim of bank account hacking enthusiasts if its gonna be on steam i will buy it if i ever get a good gaming computer 

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