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Build 36 Small But Important Suggestions

Jatta Pake

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I loved the previous thread so I hope I'm not out of line creating this new one.


1. Spawn all new characters with a pen and notebook in their inventory.

It won't unbalance anything and gives us RPG fans the ability to immediately start journal-ing. The tag line is "This is how you died". Give us the ability to record it! I think it would be fascinating finding a corpse in multiplayer with a long history written down in a notebook.


2. Allow some useless items to be re-named like bags.

Again, it should not unbalance anything but will enhance immersion. Rings and lockets that can be inscribed with messages would be very cool to find. Glenn's pocket-watch in "The Walking Dead" has powerful in story meaning.


3. Spiffo Variants.

What is the point of survival without the ability to collect Spiffos? Life has no meaning without variant collectible Spiffos.

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4.- Safehouse server options.

Right now you can only claim buildings with a bedroom, but that excludes so many buildings, a server option for that will be good, have a couple of ideas for it 

Safehousebuildings=All (Bedroom, Bathroom and more room definitions)

Safehousebuildings=10 (this should make all buildings with a 10x10 area claimable)


5.- Safehouse Areas.

This is like the nopvp zone, but with the safehouse settings, so an admin can do safehouses on players handbuilded bases.


6.- Admin items menu.

Like the health menu, that you can spawn all the medic items, but for other item categories to spawn through a menu instead of line commands.

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Hi i think that this thread is already over its usefulness time period :Pits better to post on suggestion forum for any thing you want added to the game. For future small additions to the game it might be better to create a new thread when the need arises :) have a happy holiday 

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