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My bad, i overlooked another bug.

Ive updated the 1.2 links with a rebuild package that works for RingoD.

If the program still fails for anyone let me know, the MapMap process should now finish gracefully instead of crashing and outputs a debuglog.txt in the "mapmap" dir of CartoZed.



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eya @ddraigcymraeg it looks like something went wrong while reading one of the filenames, ive updated 1.2 links with some better verification... 

you'd only need the 1.2 update files, if you could give it another go it should skip the files it cannot read properly and output those in the log.

if you could pm me the debuglog.txt from the mapmap dir after running the update would be great




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Thank you for this program, but I am sorry to say I am struggling to get any desired output. I am using last version 1.2 from first post, on 38.30 and on vehicle test build 31 with same results.

I am opening vanilla game map (Muldraugh) from game installation directory. It is correctly displayed in the program.

Then I select the area to export like shown in first attached file, click "Save as 2D PNG". The program reports the export is successful, but I get only a small file of a completely unrelated area, which looks like a single cell (see second attached file).

Looks like there is a north west offset of some sort, but I also found the offset depends on map position and zoom in the preview of cartozed.






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For AIZ 2 map mod, which has now gotten very big.... 

When I run CartoZed 1.2, I get this:


boundaries x=2, y=10, maxX=57, maxY=64
System.ArgumentException: Parameter is not valid.
   at System.Drawing.Bitmap..ctor(Int32 width, Int32 height, PixelFormat format)
   at CartoZed.DataAccess.IO.RawMapImporter.readData(String folderPath, String themeFilePath)
Returning image data.


Is it possible to increase the limits?  

Edited by ddraigcymraeg

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