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Help with safehouse claiming


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So I bought a server 2 days ago and for the last 2 days I've been trying to set it up properly. Basically my only issue right now is the 'PlayerSafehouse' option. I have PlayerSafehouse=true


But players still cannot claim safehouses.

Can someone please help me out with this, its all incredibly annoying.

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I recently started on PZ again with my own server for me and a couple of friends and I was having the same issue. I read somewhere that when you have both settings set to true, then neither admin nor players have the ability to claim. Since I was playing with my friends and had no need for the admin character to claim a safehouse, I just turned AdminSafehouse=false. I left PlayerSafehouse=true, restarted the server and I was now able to claim a safehouse.


Another thing I read is that if there are zombies nearby you wont be able to claim? Not to sure on specifics but that is how I fixed my issue.

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