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1800 GMT! It's back! The Great Big Build 35 IWBUMS MP Megatest: PART II!


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Hello again! If you’re a server admin, a habitual PZ player online or just someone with a spare evening who fancies some desperate survival you are cordially invited to:


The Great Big Build 35 IWBUMS MP Megatest! Part II!


So last Thursday we had 172 lovely members of the community jumping on the current Build 35 test version together, and it was great: directional VOIP governed by player position on the map clearly brings a ton to MP – so hurrah!

To see if lightning can strike twice within our awesome survivor-base we will be having The Great Big Build 35 MP Megatest: Part II this week, again on Thursday evening (GMT). This will be an updated version of the game, released in the next few days and focus more on Factions and new Admin features that were a little too bugged to get proper feedback on the last time around.

Where's a place to chat about this?


What time does it begin?

6pm GMT. (1300 EST, 1000 PST, 1900 CET)

How do I get the build?

Simply follow these instructions to unlock and install the current IWBUMS beta build of Project Zomboid. 

Which server do I join?

Go to the server list and join the server called [Official] Spiffospace IWBUMS. No password will be required. The server is not currently live.

Where will I spawn?

To keep it nice and simple everyone will be spawning in the new Rosewood area.

What sort of stuff will we get up to?

The focus of the test will be on Factions and new Admin features. Please see below for more details.

Where can we give the vital feedback you require?

Glad you asked! Either here in this thread, or if you need to discuss any issues or coordinate with other players then we have opened up this Discord channel.

What if I have problems?

Give everyone a shout in the Discord, and if your issue seems buggy/crashy then make a note of all useful info and the error read-out it’s showing you if there is one. This is still a beta build, so stuff may well crop up – but hopefully not too much.

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This test will try to focus on factions, safehouses and PVP!


Please note: please do not use VOIP, as we want to check to see if the lag caused previously with 15+ players in the same area was due to the new system.


The server is:


[Official] Spiffospace IWBUMS




  • The plan is to spawn in Rosewood.
  • You will have 2-3 days to create a faction (max players: 10) and find a safehouse.
  • After 2-3 days PvP will be enabled and the safety system will be turned off.
  • Raid houses fast or nothing will be left!


We will probably set up a "No-PvP Zone" for trading, for people who look for a clan and other purposes. You'd be advised not to have your safehouse in this area, or it won't be very defendable!


Remember to deselect "allow melee PvP on faction member" in your Faction UI (Escape menu) so you don't hurt your buddies.


If you start slightly later than 1800 then we can help through the magic of teleportation.


Server setup:

  • No fire spreading.
  • No PvP for 4 to 5 days.
  • Rosewood spawns.
  • High loot.
  • Normal zombie distribution.
  • Respawn in safehouses.


If you can't play, but can watch then Mark.exe will be streaming from 7pm GMT.


Please note, if there are blocker bugs that need fixing so that Factions etc work properly, we will have to update the game beta files - which will involve a server restart.





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Playing on the server for just over an hour, I found a few things to report;

  • No ping counter. Not sure whether this was intentional or not. I don't see any preferences to enable in the options, even playing for just an hour, it was sorely missed.
  • Inviting people to faction returned messages where the player name variable would be "1%", instead of the player name.
  • Renaming your faction is faulty. I originally created a faction called Rosewood Saviours, with a blue RwS tag. I then renamed it to Redboid Saviours after I invited some Redboid members, changed the tag to a red RbS. When the server reset initially, the faction tag and name was reverted to RwS after rejoining, when I tried to rename to RbS again, I wasn't able to, as the tag was "already taken". This was confirmed when I renamed the tag to RS and left the server of my own cause shortly after. Any members that were part of the faction joined as the initial faction RwS
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few issues I had.

I still need to reenabled push to talk button whenever i join the server -> join server -> esc -> options -> audion -> pushto talk -> accept -> now it works

then global pvp is on keep that red crossed axes on so we can see it.

when global pvp is off disable the pvp button.

melee pvp is weird -> swing speed vs running speed. perhapse some debuf to run speed after you get hit by other player or let us run and swing (with dmg penalty)

10 people limit for fraction is low.

Add some grades among the fraction members and I would tie safehouses with fractions. something like

Fraction leader -> havecontrol over everything -> claming safehouse, promoting other members, inviting players

officer -> can invite other members

member -> average guy but have an acces to safehouse but cant invite other members

trial -> can loot conteiners around safehouse, cant invite etc


let us claim some area instead of house. This is for salfe-made bases in the wildness.

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So I managed to hop on in time to be there for the last few events including a faction war and a 20-30 man free for all, and guess who won the free for all :D I was only there for about an hour but I didn't get many problems, except with a glitch when loading into a character that quickly fixed itself and when I was in RJs faction it also randomly kicked me out.

Queen Glory won the freeforall .jpg

Edited by Queen Glory
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