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Gathering Information About Metalworking Skill ! "Guide: W.I.P

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Hi fellow Zomboids ! :)


I thought we could, those of you playing the IWBUMS 35, all pitch in the information we've got and come up with a quick makeshift guide/informative thread here so other fellow Zomboids can be informed. 


You can leave your information here and i'll add it up to in the OP post. thanks :)


Information gathered

thanks to (Kim, Enigma, Cr.Jim, and Zo.)



  1. Before level 1 you can only make metal floors and roofs to gain XP ( without recipes ).
  2. At level 5 you unlock the Big Wire Fence ( so spam that stuff to XP+ ).
  3. At level 9 you unlock the Big Pole Fence Gate ( so rinse and repeat until level 10 :P ).


Tools -

  • Propane torch,
  • Welding mask,
  • Welding rods,
  • Propane,
  • (more?)


Materials -

  • Wire,
  • Metal bar,
  • Metal tube,
  • Small metal sheet,
  • Sheet metal,
  • Scrap metal,
  • Useless metal (at low levels you get this often when dismantling.).
  • (probably more to add soon)


Magazines/Recipes 4 total -

  • Teaches Wire Fences.
  • Teaches Walls/Fences.
  • Teaches Containers.
  • Teaches Small Metal Sheets to Metal Sheet.


Stuff you can build - 

  • Barricading using  sheet metal or bars,
  • Make metal wall frames which you can finish with wood to + its strength. (or metal),
  • You can dismantle metal shelves and counters for more materials,
  • Barricading might give xp in Solo, (confirmed not to work in co-op),
  • Containers you can build are:  lockers, gun lockers, metal crates, metal cabinets, and more,
  • Some ideas: Towers, Shacks, Shantys, Cottages, Cabins, etc...


A few tips/notes -

  • Slight problem: materials for Metalworking are "finite".
  • The amount of metal bars/sheets required to make a simple wall is huge !
  • Carpentry is still better then Metalworking atm.
  • Wooden walls are much better still.
  • Dismantling the paper towel dispenser does not give Metalworking experience but Electrical ! O-o
  • The higher your Metalworking level is the more stuff you get for dismantling things related to Metalworking.
  • Use metal frames for your walls, just upgrade it with wood if you don't have metal. It will make much better walls. You need the recipe though...
  • It isn't recommended to attempt building a metal fortress for the weight of metal is considerable. >.<'
  • (more?)


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Formating and another information update

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7 hours ago, EnigmaGrey said:

It's all just kind of a mess, re: info on metalworking. I'm not even sure what we ultimately got in the base game.

So if there is no smelting, anvil or stone forge.... hmmm how do we barricade windows with metal ? I know ive seen torches, torch rods, and welding masks and also screws. probably requires also a certain carpentry level ? metalworking level ? and recipe magazine ?

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21 hours ago, Zorak said:

R.I.P smelting [*]


to sum-up metalowrking its like the carpentry but you can make more durable walls with much harder to get components.

But still in the end log wall is the strongest one.

Could you please share some info on what components are absolutely needed, what are their purpose (eg. barricading) and what do they require to be used (eg. recipe magazines etc ) thanks for the info ! :) 

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TOOLS - propane torch, welding mask, welding rods, propane


MATERIALS - wire, metal bar, metal tube, small metal sheet, sheet metal, scrap metal


MAGAZINES - I think one is to turn small metal sheets into sheet metal, or vice versa, then youve got fencing/walls for wire fences etc, containers for metal lockers etc, and another one, for something else. I think maybe roof/floor. there's 4 total.


STUFF YOU CAN BUILD - tower, wall, house, domicile, shack, shanty, cabin, cottage


you can always barricade, no skills or magazines required, with either sheet metal or bars. and you can make metal wall frames, then finish with wood to make them that much stronger. or you can finish with metal and it looks like the shack you lived in in fallout 3. if you didnt blow up megaton that is.. I always blew it up, I ain't livin in squalor like a common street urchin.


You can dismantle stuff like metal shelves and counters for more material then you could ever need, but it makes for good xp.


I think barricading gains you xp in solo, not sure, but it doesnt in co-op

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The problem is that the materials for metalworking are finite. Yes you can dismantle a lot of things to get parts but still the amount of metal bars and sheets you need to do simple metal wall is huge.

If you compare that to a carpentry and strenght of wooden walls you dont want to spend that much time.


Its not that im bashing a new profession, I juat dont see why would anyone want to pick it in SP gam. In MP perhapse but in SP carpentry >>>>> metalworking

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haha the stuff you can build was a joke... build wtv you want lol. the 4 magazines are: wire fences, walls/fences, containers, small metal sheet to sheet metal


EDIT: containers: locker, gun locker, metal crate, metal cabinet, and more

you can build floors/roof with no skill right from the start. it's the only way to gain xp at the start other than dismantling in multi


lvl 5: big wire fence

lvl 9: big pole fence gate


I haven't measured them up, but I would be surprised if even log wall beat the big pole fence.


ANOTHER EDIT: and im 99% sure you need the wall magazine for those metal frames. i'd say its worth it to at least frame in metal if youve got the resources. the higher your level the more resources you get from dismantling. I'd have to agree not to try building your whole fortress out of metal... but if they were to lower the weight of everything, yea id be all over metal. it's subjective.


there's another item: "useless metal" ... a byproduct of dismantling at a low level, and shockingly, it's useless

dismantling in general is it's own thing. you can gain electrical and carpentry from some things. oddly, the paper towel dispenser gives you electrical.

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On 11/29/2016 at 8:38 PM, critical jim said:

haha the stuff you can build was a joke..

well fml >.< I didn't even question myself when i typed those words in the "guide"  -  cabins, towers, shantys.... xD ikr I will re-update first thing tomorrow after work.  me head is hitting nails this late at night. :/


Edit - Big update to OP Guide. We're starting to have a nice lil' informative guide up there thanks to everyone ! :)

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big update in OP

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Any updates to this?


I am trying to figure out what I can disassemble. I know sinks give pipes and tubes(Thank god. I can make bombs more!)

Counters give sheets.


What gives poles? I want to make a fence but find very few poles.


Also, I found 2 Metalworking magazines in garages in WP, but I want the other two. most common spawn location?


Even at level 6, I seem to get a lot of useless metal

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I'm sure most have already found out,


sinks, toilet bowl and shower head can be dismantle for metalworking exp and possible some metal stuff.

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The most valuable thing to me has been the prevalence of pipes from sinks. I am kinda the server bombman and it used to be painful to have to dump every garage in WP and check every hour to get a measly 1-2 pipes.


But ill confess, I stopped leveling at level 8.5. Once I realized I could not hang sheet ropes from small wire fences. Overall I liked the look some metal gives. Metal floors look like concrete and It was a new flooring for Fort Spruce. And we built a little gun cage/Jail.


But I can't see myself building an all metal fort, or even half metal. i just like the wood look better.

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Finding a warehouse surrounded with metal fence and dismantling everything inside and around it will give you some nice MW/Carpentry boosts. Did so in SP at west point's two warehouses. A good strategy if paired with the skill books.


Hardware shops also have some metalworking materials.


Propane barrels are damn hard to find and heavy (though a big hiking bag is a very useful tool to transport one).


How to barricade windows and doors with metal?

Can't understand it.

Character has the metalworker profession and all stuff equipped.

carpentry still seems far more easy, as the wood is everywhere...

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