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How do KEYS work?

The Googlator

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Hey All, 


I really need a good description of how the keys work in-game. 
I am currently developing buildings for a map, but if I was to create a building like a Hotel... how would the keys work? 


When creating a building like a hotel in BuildingEd, you would create as one building... so would one key open all the doors? 


I ask because my expectation would be that 1 Key opens one door... Other wise all hotel keys are Master keys and I need to move to Muldraugh hahaha 

My reference for asking is developing semi-detached or rows of houses, I don't want 1 key to open all the houses in a row, if developed as one building in BuildingEd. 

And the reason for wanting to develop them as one building is because it's hard to align them correctly in TileZed when using multiple buildings. As the buildings will overlap, overwriting the other buildings tiles. 

Thanks for any responses :)


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If you create 2 buildings inside 1 "_.tbx"-file (BuildingEd) , 1 key opens all the doors.


For semi-detached or rows of houses, it is possible to build them separated, using multiple "_.tbx"-files.

Within BuildingEd, Using the Iso-Mode you should be able to draw a room 1 tile from the edge, then make the 'connecting' wall "invisible". After that you can add the walls, roofs, ... using the Tile-Mode, placing them on the correct Layer, on the edge (1 tile).


There is a example inside my tbx-topic.

Download the Downtown "_.tbx"-files and open: "random_house_11.tbx" and "random_house_09.tbx" with BuildingEd, these 2 files can be connected without overlapping.

I'm not sure about it, but I remember that the light inside the "connecting" space (1 tile) can be off, because it is not inside the room with the light-switch.

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Hey Man, 


Thanks for the response... I was afraid I'd have to do it that way. If you check out this thread: 


It will show you a few screenshots of my current work, and you'll understand why I was hoping I could create them as 1 building lol. 

Overlapping can be a right pain in the arse as you have to place the buildings in the correct order. If a building is placed, it would overwrite tiles on the building below, so my method was to create the buildings, including all walls, then overlapping them in the correct way, which sometimes meant I had to remove the 5/6 buildings on the other side, then replace them all in the correct order. 


Again, thanks for the response :) I will continue working on my project soon :) 



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