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On Sunday, the 6 november you will be able to play on our "Project Zomboid" prime time server. 
Prime time means the server will only be available certain days/hours per week. The idea behind this "prime time" is that we will be able to implement a real storyline into the game. 
Just like in the pen and paper game "Dungeon and Dragons", a gamemaster will control the environment you live in. Also, prime time will prevent hardcore gamers to get the best loot/bases when the casual players will not be online. 
This "roleplay project" will not be like on our dayz server before. We don´t want solo players who prefer to be all alone all the time. Sure, it can be part of your character story to be alone a certain amount of time, but we are focused on getting people together. 
As a player on our server you can be sure we will create an awesome story for you to be part in, just as we tried on our dayz server but without any server tools we could not do that. In "Project Zomboid" we have all the opportunity to create a living, persistant world. Can you survive a zombie apocalypse? Do you have what it needs to be a leader of a group? Do you want to help people or rob them to make sure you and your group survive? 
For more informations, please join our teamspeak on sunday the 23. october at 7pm cet 
We will be there and answer all the questions you got about the project, rules and everyting else (except the dayz server) 
Kind regards, 



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Eh interesting enough but I can see a few problems with your "prime time" in the fact that people from dif countries may not get to be on or maybe you just can't make it that day. Neat concept but unfortunately I wont be able to join.

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Hello guys,

this server will play on the standard vanilla map. You will have access to everything. Loot respawn will be disabled, electricity will be shut down from the beginning, that causes to create a real hardcore survival experience from and forces you to choose your "base" wisley and organize lootruns or to scavenge around. 

I don´t want to spoiler but I can tell you, when we start the server, all people will be at the same location. What you do out of this is your choice. Form a group, stay alone, split up - you decide. 

We are currently working on the ingame time, how fast a day will end and if we should implement the "need of sleep".

Of course, the server will be whitelisted.


We will use only some mods to improve the immersion.

You can find the current mod list here:


Very important is the topic "Meta Gaming"

On roleplay servers, people are often used to use "out of character knowledge" for the "in character" actings for example: map using, gathering zombies, steal from bases of people who are offline. 

Meta gaming will not be tolreated, if you play on our server, you are this person who fights to survive. If your character panics, you should play it like that. If you are very hungry, you dont run around for no reason because you are weak. 

And very very important: Teamspeak is necessary. Our moderators will be switch you into the channels you are "needed" in, that means if you are on a lootrun with your friend, ether you or on of our mods will switch you both in a seperate channel. If you group up, all people will be in this teamspeak channel to talk to each other. 

At first, we wanted to use the normal chat function but for immersiv reason (voice acting, combat talk etc.) we gonna try to manage this with teamspeak.

And last but not least, after you sign up on www.gamergemein.de and apply for the Project Zomboid server, we will inform you if you get one of the limited slots available.

But even if you don´t get a slot from the beginning, we will expand in the future to open up more slots and add more groups to the server. It´s not about server performance, it´s about the story we want to tell you, thats why we limit slots in the beginning. So I think, in the future we will also open up Prime Time for people from the USA etc.

I hope I could answer your questions so far, if you have any more just let me know.

Kind regards,


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