Vigilantes: Crime Themed TB Tactical RPG [Demo/Kickstarter/Greenlight]
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Hi all,


First, I'd just like to say thanks to the indie stone for allowing other developers to talk about their games here.


I'm Daithi, a game developer from Ireland. I'd like to share the game I've spent well over 4000 hours working on. It's called Vigilantes, and it's a crime themed, turn based tactical RPG, largely inspired by the classic turn based RPGs of the 90s, like X-Com and Fallout. The best way to give you a feel for it is to show you the release trailer, which is 97 seconds long.



A polished preview demo with 3 hours of gameplay is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac.




Players assume the role of Sam Contino, an idealist dragged down the rabbit hole of vigilantism as he leads a team of vigilantes against the three gangs that dominate Reiker City: the mafia, survivalists, and Church of the Final Exodus. Vigilantes has all the features you would expect from a turn based RPG, yet we feel it stands out from its peers in a number of areas:


  • Avoids typical RPG settings, striking out in its own direction with gritty, neo noir.
  • Melee combat is choreographed and fluid to an extent rarely seen in turn based games.
  • Avoids the trend of simplifying character systems and gameplay. It's very much old school, with the best of modern design advances.
  • Emphasis on atmosphere: memorable allies, deadly opponents, a declining city, all brought to life through quality writing, artwork and voice acting.
  • Use surveillance to locate gang facilities and leadership. Randomly attacking footsoldiers won't get you anywhere.


Kickstarter and Greenlight campaigns have recently gone live. Both are going quite well. The most popular reward on the Kickstarter offer a Steam key, standalone download, early access and exclusive wallpapers for €8, roughly half the expected release price. So if turn based strategy is your thing, and you'd like to get a great deal and support a small but incredibly hardworking studio, you can find the Kickstarter here. Our Greenlight is also underway. There's a lot of information on the page, so if you's like to find out more, it is here.


If you'd like to meet one of the allies from Vigilantes, here's a voiced intro for Ray Case, private eye.


If you have any questions about Vigilantes, or comments, or observations, please let me know!

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