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I got inspired by Rathlord when he created Depth

I have wanted to do one of these for a while, but this thread gave me the inspiration to finally make one!


Rules are simple, after I post more story, you guys vote on what you want, saying A if the choice you want is A. Put your vote in bold, and any questions/comments/concerns you may have in normal text. Feel free to argue your answers, and if you change yours, strikethrough and write you new answer, like this:


I may change these rules at any time, and will let you know if I do. Now lets get started!


Entry I

The world is ruined. All that's left of humanity are eleven colonies, in the remnants of Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Russia, Saudi Arabia, the U.K, and the U.S. These colonies are walled off from the outside world, which many call the Dead Zone. Travel between the colonies is common place, and can happen because of the World Train, a giant intercontinental subway system built before the Event.



Question 1:Which colony do you live in?

A; Amsterdam, Netherlands

B; Beijing, China

C; Berlin, Germany

D; London, United Kingdom

E; Moscow, Russia

F; Ottawa, Canada

G; Paris, France

H; Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

I; Rome, Italy

J; Tokyo, Japan

K; Washington D.C., United States of America

Question 2: What's your occupation?*

A; American private detective

B; Arabic miner

C; British reporter

D; Canadian janitor

E; Chinese package deliverer

F; Dutch construction worker

G; French medic

H; German peace keeper

I; Italian repairman

J; Japanese drone operator

K; Russian guard for hire

*For clarification, if you live in a different country you take the World Train back and forth from home to work, you don't have to live where you work.

Edit- I forgot to mention, the default gender is male, but if you get enough people wanting female that could be changed.

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Dude, I was also thinking on doing one of those.  I'll wait until both of you guys are finished because I don't want to compete :D


1) E

2) K


I'd have settled for Canadian (hint at my real location) except for the occupation and I don't like to commute to work.  So let's say guard for hire (of soldier of fortune :D).

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Thanks for letting people know on the Depth thread Rathlord, voting will probably close on Monday, as my weekend schedule is always kinda hectic. Also, remember SaltandPretzels, please put your answers in bold. Thanks for participating all!:)

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Hey guys, couldn't get to this yesterday, crazy stuff happened, nothing major, just put a stop to a few of my plans. I got all different results, meaning nobody agreed with any body! If you could manage to agree on something, that would be great! Otherwise you might end up a homeless, unemployed hobo. Just saying.;)

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Okay voting is now closed, here is the update:

Entry II

You wake up in your apartment in the 11th colony in Rome, Italy. As you step out on your balcony you can see the new Arena Center they built in the ruins of the Colosseum. You remember your friend asked you if you wanted to go to a game there, and looked back on the ticket he gave you. The games are today, and you think about calling him later at the Communication Hub after work, but right now, you need to get your uniform on and board the World Train. You go over to the clothes hanger and pull off your 包加 uniform, which translates to Package Plus in Beijing Standard*, the Chinese delivery company you work for. As you put it on, you grab your I.D. card, 15 dollars in Global Common Cash**, and the ticket to the Arena Games later tonight.



Question 1: Where do you go after getting ready?

A; Call in sick to work. You feel just fine but don't really feel like going to work today, even though you might lose your job.

B; Go to the Arena Center to get some info on tonight's games.

C; Go to the Station to board the World Train.

D; Grab a bite to eat at Roman Pavilion, the local restaurant.

E; Just go to the Communication Center anyway.

*Beijing Standard is the official language of the 2nd colony, Beijing, China.

**Global Common Cash is the most commonly used currency in the 11 colonies, but other more local currencies do exist.


The first entry had a lot of different choices to choose from, so it took a while before something had more than one vote. If you have any questions about this entry or would like to add in an answer, feel free to post it. Enjoy!

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Okay voting is now closed, here is the update:

Entry III

You decide to go to Roman Pavilion to get a quick meal. Who skips breakfast, right? You walk down the street and enter the restaurant to get a order your favorite sandwich, with tomato, mayonnaise, and a few other things. You ask for a takeout bag, since you don't want to be late to work.

"I'll have a number 6 to go please," you say when you get to the front of line.

"That'll be 3 dollars Global Common."

"Wow, this place is getting expensive," you reply as you hand the clerk 6 dollars.

You grab your sandwich, and stop as you see a news report on the restaurant's Vid Screen. You watch briefly a report on how the something called the 'Awakened' are getting closer and closer to the borders on a few of the major Colonies, including the Beijing colony. You don't know what a Awakened is, but you know if you stop to watch you'll be late to work.



Question 1: What do you do next?

A; Go to the Internet Port to look up what an Awakened is.

B; Just go to work, you can look up what an Awakened is later.

C; Stay there and watch the news to see if you can find out more.


I forgot to provide an update, sorry. If you have any questions about this entry or would like to add in an answer, feel free to post it. Also, If it's the day before voting ends, and you voted in the last entry, I'll send you a reminder from now on. Enjoy!

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