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loots on ground and house's floor


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A new mod, remind me a idea :
I saw empty  bleach bottle and broken doors, but more items on ground seems more "apocalyptic".  Useless items for ambiance, but usefull items (rare).

Some Houses could be "tagged" devastated with many objects on the floor (rush move, Z's attack).
some parts of neighborwoods could undergo the same destiny.
This could be related with broken windows/doors, empty container place, barricaded houses, etc.. 


We could find :
On streets: knife (close to broke)bag, cloth, paper, hygiene items.

In woods : log,  twig

Houses : knife, cloth, paper, all house objects.
Special building : with their related objects (usefull or not).

And certainly many others, are you inspired ?
What do you think about that ?

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I like the idea, but I think it should be related to the dead survivor you find occasionaly.  Otherwise it's safe to asume you'll find only useless items that were discarded.  At the same time, you already find some guns on those lone survivors so it could instead be in their inventory.


I think the list of possible items should be bigger and some of the useless items could include broken weapon... after all, some of us discard their broken weapon from time to time.

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