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Before I begin, I would like to say that this suggestion only applies to the eventual finished product - v. 1.0.


Perhaps it is just me, but I feel very strongly that any ability a character can start with, such as the nutritionist's knowledge of nutrition facts and a cook's recipes for pie dough should be available through study or training, etc. to everyone in the game. I know that things such as the recipe for pie dough is available in a magazine. After untold lifetimes, I actually found one of those and learned the recipe. But just as everyone with a skill learned it somewhere, I think the designers should keep in mind that a character who does not possess a skill or recipe might want to learn one. They don't all have to be available in books or trade journals, perhaps there can be NPCs that can teach the skills, but all characters should have the potential to somehow acquire all skills, and not just through their background.


This is not to say that I think characters should be able to acquire the bonuses that a chef has at improving cooking skills or that a carpenter has at improving his carpentry skill should be available - there are certain advantages that practicing a trade prior to the apocalypse should provide. I just think that all characters should be able to somehow gain access to any skill, recipe or ability available to any other character.


Thank you for listening.

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