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No More Panic Mod Request or 'hardened survivors'

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No More Panic Mod Request

In short, the more zombies the player has killed, the less panicked
they are when encountering them. This mod means panic reduces faster
over time for more experienced survivors. It also means panic is
*multiplied* for less experienced survivors.

Heres the gist:

   0 kills: panic * 4.00
   1 kill:  panic * 2.00
   2 kill:  panic * 1.00
   5 kills: panic * 0.95
  10 kills: panic * 0.90
  25 kills: panic * 0.85
  50 kills: panic * 0.80
 100 kills: panic * 0.70
 250 kills: panic * 0.60
 500 kills: panic * 0.50
1000 kills: panic * 0.25

Based on time to calm down:
1000 kills: panic cool down * 4.00
 500 kills: panic cool down * 2.00
 250 kills: panic cool down * 1.00


This makes beta blockers more valuable early on, and
makes killing zombies versus avoiding / saving your weapon more of a choice.
Survivors who live and fight long enough become hardened and unphased
by the sight of the dead, which is as to be expected. The beautiful thing
is if you are six months or a year in, you no longer have to be annoyed
by the panic moodle constantly popping up for something *you should be used to be now*.

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