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The Situation-Roleplay

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17 hours ago, Tupese said:

"Oh , what was that?"  *hearing the shoots from the house*

-"Maybe i should to check the house.."




("Nah, Tupster, nah.") *cuping his hands over the cherry of his smouldering pipe to obscure the glow* ("Them folks are dangerous. not afraid to pull a trigger. We didn't live through winter on worms and dried salmonberries to throw it all away hoping for a tin of beans.") *Zom grins haphazardly, shifting his stale, struggling smoke from one corner of his mouth to the other with his bristlebearded lips* ("Unless you think they are acting nutso because they have nothing left to eat but whiskey...")



("... I could use a drink.")

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"Shit, I think they have heard us...."

"Come on dude, we dont have so much food...  and maybe they need medical supplies..."

*Tupese is hidding in the bush*



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*Ensures, that he's not dead, but really-really drunk*

"What a mess this is! Despite drinking silently for a few last weeks, I believe that talking bushes is a total truth!"

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